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Regardless your position or arm of Xerox you work for, this is just sad. This company is in a death spiral while Icahn tries his best to sell it for a buck. Thousands of people have lost their jobs and customers are running for the doors. Serious question... At this point how does anyone see an upside to this situation when the company has resorted to hiring dumbed down talent with no industry experience to replace those that truly BUILT this company. Say what you want, but this is clearly the end. Sad

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Downvote away but I'm still seeing customers in the field printing book loads of literature for schools or reports.

They have tried the tablet and Chromebook option but at the end of the day it's all about physical pen to paper.

Our demise is not the technology isn't needed. It's competing with others in a shrinking industry in a digit world.

We can either fight to the grave or come together but the way this is being handled now just seems like a pathetic hail mary at the end of the 4th quarter.

Even if there was a merger HP cannot provide the service that xrx already has established, especially in the rural areas.

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Yep, still around. Closed at $37.29 per share today... no biggie.

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Are the customers running for the doors? I keep hearing each month that we exceeded sales targets and then kept getting emails from Feldman saying Xerox yet again is #1 market share for A3 and production.

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When, not if, when Xerox and HP merge (no matter who buys who) then those working for Xerox are doomed.
All of them
HP will use the blueprints, technology, patents and BRAND to produce Xerox devices and even keep the labels on them. They will use their own superior infrastructure to support the just accumulated cliente and then every last Xerox person will melt into oblivion and be let go
Xerox will be a product of HP
Nobody will remember or know anything about Xerox in a few years
Go needs nothing from the tech powerhouse
They can make money from our brand and sell off a ton and fire every last person left in Xerox while running it with all HP staffing
Sounds like a great deal for HP actually
See y’all Xerox ( and I take no joy in any of it)

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Xerox was highly reliant on FX for the hardware. As I understand it the supplier agreement with FX only has a couple of years left on it. Nuvera & iGen are old tech. What will Xerox have left to sell in a couple of years? Anything new in the pipeline? New suppliers for the items that are still being sourced from FX today? Unless the Tech Powerhouse comes up with something to sell in the future, I have to agree with the death spiral comment.

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Death spiral? I don't think so.

Print is a declining market, but we aren't in a death spiral like Kodak was when film was going away. At some point it was inevitable that film had only a year or two left and Kodak didn't recognize that until too late. Print has many many years left, and it's declining at a steady rate, but not at a "death spiral" rate. The industry will consolidate, people will lose their jobs, but print will be around for decades. Hopefully Xerox will still be part of that.

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The only upside is a deal being done with HP.

If we buy them, it's going to be temporary because Icahn & crew will still be running the show and they are just be interested in lining their pockets for short term gain.

If HP flips the tables and buys Xerox (some wall street analysts say this has actually been the plan all along) it might be a longer term upside because they might actually make the right decisions to grow even in a declining environment by entering new markets. Icahn doesnt have the influence (share ownership) in HP that he does in xerox, so there's more hope of decisions being made in the interests of the many (the company) vs the interests of the few (Icahn and crew).

If the HP deal fails unfortunately I think Xerox will be done for, perhaps rather quickly. Document print is dying, faster each year. 3D is the future for printing/additive, but it's not at a point yet that it can sustain a company of this size. Services was already spun off. So there's really nothing left to leverage that will pay off in time.

I used to see a bright future here. Now all I see are vultures circling the carcass.

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