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Offshoring Options

In GAO Area. We were told early June we will WebEx train India on our jobs.

Of course, they have said nothing to us about being let go and tell us there is no time frame. Then we were told last week we are way behind in how many of our clients we have trained India on and need to double up our training sessions. The writing is on the wall for their year end deadline, and have no decency to be honest and let us know their time frame.

They tried this 6 years ago and the People came here form India. We trained for months, but due to legal issues with some client and the constant turn around in India with staff, it was taken off the table. At least last time the old team spelled it out for us in time line and we knew how many jobs were going. This time, they said train and will give us no details until the 60 day tap on the shoulder. Once an amazing place to work has become an awful environment to be in and they will get rid of anyone they can. The trend now is OFFSHORE all you can and we expect in 10 years most of operations to be done in India and Poland.

They already have 50% of their operations being done in India. between no raises, constant layoffs, no opportunities for advancement and offshoring, it is probably the worst place you would ever want to work. It is very sad what they have dome to such a great company and how they devalue their employees.

The only perk left is the flexibility they offer, and I know many people who hang on here just for that reason..

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People in India only stay at a job if your lucky for 3 years, they believe in constantly going to a new company for more money and benefits.
Which shows how unstable they are as workers since they do not believe in long term employment with one company

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Be thankful you have a job!

How else will the Executive team earn (lol) their huge bonuses, stock options and merit increases. You can't expect them to have an actual strategy now do you?

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