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Fry's Las Vegas Closing Store

Fry's in Las Vegas is looking horrible as well.I don't see how much longer they can last. For everyone in Vegas, there's another place called PC Warehouse located in Henderson. They have a website and you can buy a ton of things.

While it doesn't to appear to be on the level of the old Fry's, they cant be beat concerning buying PC parts in Vegas now.......

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Micro center East Coast thing and one in Colorado stores are packed with people it’s just a bad philosophy to lie to your customers just want to lie to him he’ll never come back hope Micro Center buys Up frys

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Back in September a Fry's official scoffed at the question if they are going out of business... then they said they are only closing one store in California. Well, I live near 2 other stores, and whether the doors are open or not, there is nothing in the store.

Now they say they are switching to a "consignment model" where the vendor give Frys the product and they only get paid if it sells. Great, Ill take a Mercedes on consignment too.

Too bad they cannot be honest, but as the company is indeed circling the drain, I can understand them trying to keep afloat to the end.

I used to read every sale email with interest, but after my last 2 trips to the San Marcos store, with rows of empty shelves, and whole rows missing (leaving interesting dirty/clean stripes in the carpet), it's a waste of time.

Too bad, but looks like Amazon kicked their butt.

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