Thread regarding United Healthcare layoffs

It’s going to be ok, eventually.

Meanwhile everyone is stressed, p-ss-d, depressed, scared, panicked, cranky, paranoid & feeling betrayed, inadequate, unappreciated, expendable, & ready for the line to the food bank serving up c-ap Mac & Cheese.

I just realized though we’re great & resilient. It’s all the same People in an area of the country doing the same work. So if they lay us off the cards just get reshuffled & we go do the same thing for a new company. Same People, Same Work Ethics, hopefully a little better pay. It’s just a pain in the a$$.

My scars will remind me to always insist on speaking with someone in the USA or I’m not going to be a consumer.

My advice to UHC: don’t do it & if you have to do it.... go out a hero championing for the employees you’re laying off. Amaze the world with your generosity to make sure US workers are going to be financially comfortable during this unwelcome transition.

Regain the integrity you once had. Be like a divorced Dad paying his child support to make sure his dependents are well provided for.

Choose to take a loss now but be remembered as the most caring company that ever had to do it. (~and not with a freaking Bravo nor snack train)

And for the love of GOD stop all the secret sneak attacks. Be transparent. Do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons.

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We all need to band together and make our voices heard!
Contact ,Ethics, EEOC and anyone who will listen!! This company thinks they can bully you or retaliate if you complain- that’s illegal!
don’t back down! I think if we band together it’s possible to make a difference!! BIG lawsuits are coming!!!

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I liked that post, but sadly....CEO's are evil corporate demons who work for the Satanic Elite. Maybe soon, when everyone wakes the f— up, we can all work together to bring them down!

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