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For those in the UK

Firstly, I am one of the chosen, so no haters please.

For those in the UK, you are protected by employment law and your contract. If you receive redundancy or an agreement ensure you use the legal service which you SHOULD be offered, it gives you up to £400 to seek legal advice around the contract and what you are signing up to!

DST/SS&C UK will provide a list of solicitors who you can use, these are NOT DST/SS&C solicitors, they are ones they have an agreement with where up to £400 can be charged back to DST/SS&C, you don't get the money, the solicitor will bill the company.

When you call a solicitor from the list make sure you tell them you are looking for them to run through the contract you have been given and that you have a budget of £400. Some of the solicitors charge more, so unless you are OK paying the extra yourself, find one that can do it for £400 or less, there are many out there.

There are minimum payments for example in regards to redundancy, also check your employment contract in regards to things like notice periods and payments in lieu of.

Check out the following in regards to your rights related to redundancy:

On another note, if you hear anyone tell you that there are not going to be any more redundancies, layoffs or more offshoring to India or Bangkok, take what they say with a huge pinch of salt - there will be more UK staff reductions!

One last thing, this process is truly unpleasant for most, more so for those of us that are leaving as a result. Compared to the USA we in the UK have it easier and are protected, spare those ladies and gents in the USA who walk in to the office and get effectively marched out on the same day with nothing, or certainly nothing compared to those of us in the UK.

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How is it an illegal offer? And according to who?

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The UK 'offer' is illegal according to UK soliciters. Make sure you give yours a copy and don't use one they reccomend ! Unless of course you want to take the cash then sue them for an illegal offer ;)

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Marched to the door with just my purse, coat and keys. Not being given even a chance to pick up personal items at my desk, most humiliating.

Promises to send personal items within two weeks not met due to “box shortage” (given 200+ laid off in KC last week of Feb 2020). That week paid, then meager severance offer.


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