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How many people work at Thomson Reuters?

How many work at the company? What is the overall employee count at NYC?

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Apparently, the total number of employees is sitting at around 25,800.

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Ah workday that brings back memories.

I was unfortunate to be nominated to go on a 1 hour overview of the product when it was launched.
The HR dollies were very excited about how it could track your time at TR from job slot being raised , interviews , start leaving.
They got to point of leaving TR and categorised leaving as ;
Voluntary and involuntary.
They the. listed involuntary as being fired or made redundant and then voluntary as quitting or death.
I was bored so I popped my hand up and asked how death could be voluntary?
I said you don’t volunteer to die.
Then someone also bored quipped , you do if it’s s–c-de.
So I added “so TR are labelling everyone who leave due to death as s–c-de then?”
Then someone else quipped in “wait until you have been here for 20 years like I have and had to do overviews like this”

Ah good old workday ....

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All you need is extract active employee data from Workday and filter by location

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The real question is how many smart, qualified employees are left at TR. Unfortunately, the number would be quite small. Sad.

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I think the current figure for employees is around 27,500. Sorry, can't help with the overall employee count at NYC.

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