Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

35 bucks per mo

Business Reuters website goes behind paywall in new strategy April 15, 20213:34 PM PDT The Thomson Reuters logo is seen on the company building in Times Square, New York. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri Reuters News (TRI.TO) on Thursday unveiled a new... —  read more 

What will this strategy bring?

The only people left are the ones that either can't find a job, or have a really sweet gig, and holding on until they are told to leave with their severance. The mass exodus in talent over the past few years is astounding. I watched people be forced... —  read more 

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This is no longer the same company

Considering that the company is made up of people who are its most valuable asset and that the best and most professional people are laid off or have run away from here, this is no longer the same company I came to a few years ago. I believe that... —  read more 

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Who is next to go?

Rumor has it that leaders of the customer service, order processing, commissions, data analysis, AR, & sales operations are next to go. Everything is a complete mess and many of the leaders and staff are not at all qualified or equipped. The... —  read more 

Disestablished positions

Be interested to know if anyone has seen many instances of people being laid off due to their positions being disestablished, only to find some time later that those positions have re-established themselves and have been filled by someone new. .. —  read more 


I'm most likely taking a new job. What is the requirements to collect the full yearly bonus at TR? Is it March 31 or am I already entitled to it?

I hate my job

I used to love what I do, but TR has managed to beat that out of me. I probably should have left before it came to this point, but it was a gradual process and it didn't hit me until it was too late. Now I'm not sure what to do. I'm too old for a new... —  read more 

LinkedIn Learning Scandal

In light of the Coca-Cola diversity training scandal, will TR scale back the LinkedIn Learning campaign currently being shoved down employees’ throats? Who is monitoring the content to avoid TR not being called out on by media like Fox News for... —  read more 

Negative Reading

I visit here periodically to see what’s been happening. It’s one negative post after another, and it’s been going on for years. Either there are lots of disgruntled current and former employees (gee, I wonder why that would be), or this company must... —  read more 

TR brand value

TR employees used to be highly valued in other companies. Is that the case today? It happened that a colleague I used to work with applied for a job in a much, much smaller company and he was convinced that having TR on his resume would help him... —  read more 

It finally hit me…

I really need to get out of here. I’ve been putting up with bullying for far too long. I thought about going to HR about it, but everyone knows how that would turn out. I can find nothing…and I mean NOTHING good about TR and it’s literally making me... —  read more 

Any regrets?

I’ve been thinking of leaving for a while, but I’m honestly afraid to take that first step. I’ve been preparing myself financially in case of another layoff and now I’m at the point where I have over a year worth of savings. I’m seriously debating... —  read more 

TR in five years?

Some say the company will not exist at all. I mean, nothing would surprise me, but what is the probability that something like that will come true? I personally do not believe that ways are being sought to sell this company. Just about anything we... —  read more 

Where to look?

Never before have I wanted to leave this company as much as I want to these days. Apart from the fact that it became unbearable for me, I am a little tired of working here. I would like to change my job, so I’m interested in what you think where the... —  read more 

Don't count on severance

Somebody mentioned this in one of the other posts and I think it bears repeating. If you are laid off, the company is not obligated to pay you severance. There's no law that requires it. The company can give it and usually does to avoid any future... —  read more 

Cutting muscle and bone

A customer wants to know the price before purchasing. Seems reasonable. But the information is missing on customer- and sales-facing systems, and anyone who last year would have known the answer has either been reassigned or fired without... —  read more 

The rule of mediocrity

I get sick when I see incompetent people progressing here. They assign them to positions where they have nothing to offer. Experience and skills seem to be becoming less and less valued in this company. This is devastating, especially since the... —  read more 

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