Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Post layoff town hall cringes

ok so apparently we need to just cut back on meetings and everything will be fine. Also great when leadership literally tells you, "If you can't change something, don't worry about it." Literally a slide in the slide deck.

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A small advice

Instead of trying to do your best, thinking that you will increase your chances of keeping your job when the layoffs come, maybe it's better to put more effort into looking for a better job. There are still many who, despite everything, think that... —  read more 

Bonus %

If you’re an individual contributor, what is your bonus % you are eligible for when that time comes around? Any managers want to share theirs as well? I get 5%.

Quite the business model

Treat your people like cr-p, and cut staffing so the remaining people have to pick up the slack. Cut sales and support staff and undermine customer support which for the most part in CS is fixing the horrible billing problems. The billing structure... —  read more 

Make no mistake

Content operations was hit hard. Almost every team lost at least one and many of the teams were already down to single digits. Lots of people who don’t have 35 years yet. Make no mistake. They are trying to sc--w the old timers out of their pensions... —  read more 

I'm done fearing layoffs

What's the point? My alternative to cuts is to stay here and be saddled with even more work. I can't take that anymore. They have decided that even if we are already heavily understaffed and have to do the work of two people in the least, we don't... —  read more 

Severance Negotiation

I’ve always wanted to know if anybody has negotiated a higher severance? Is that something the company even considers. I’m sure it happens the higher you are up in the org, but what about all the regular folks. Anybody have any insight?

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