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TR laying off 3200

TR says it has already notified all impacted 3200 employees. How much of it is true? Does it mean remaining are safe? If impacted employees have been informed, why wait until 2020 to lay them off? Something doesn't add up.

Pension payouts

I read that changes have been made that make it easier for companies to offer pension payouts. Do you the TR will go this route?


The Organizational Health Index pulse survey deadline was a month ago. What do you think the chances are we'll hear about the results? They can't be good.

Even health care providers know how bad it is

I saw a doctor today who sympathized with me and the Thomson situation. She has a friend who left a few years ago. She totally understands how miserable it is working there now. So even people on the street as it were know what's going on. The Jig Is... read more

Flattened organization

We were told the new "flattened" organization would make things simpler Am I the only one finding it more complicated? My new manager has no time because he has so many people reporting to him. It's impossible to get answers and he has no idea what... read more

Copyeditor, not Ecitor

My position as Director was eliminated as of 12/31/18 after almost 30 years with TR, back to the WG&L days. Just before I left, to help with a year-end deadline crunch and transition, I reviewed a journal article edited by a lower-level editor with... read more

Voluntary Separation Program (VSP)

Voluntary “buyouts” announced for Hoboken and Dallas employees today. They need 5 employees from each location to accept the package. Last day would be May 31st. You get two weeks pay for every year worked paid out on your bi-weekly on the regular... read more


I'm seeing this happening already. Several people on my team with high levels of experience were forced out and they are being replaced by contractors and other contingent work force members. It's so sad. There goes years of experience, training, and... read more
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SOW Employees

Waves of SOW employees are incoming with the eventual goal of replacing FTEs.

Don’t expect transparency from this company

You’d find more of that in a semi-lit coal mine. The company has an agenda which it doesn’t want to share with its workers. Why else would it prevent access to this website from within the TR network? All of the layoffs over the past few months is a... read more

Next wave is coming

Australia and NZ have been hit end of 2018. Entire divisions sold off and relocated.... That was the first wave, the next wave is coming once they figure out how to lump all Oceana countries under one umbrella. Reposted from @WWIEMKL-Vkcf for info.

TR Q4 results

Does the Reuters reporter even know what he's doing?? Q4 revenue is up 7% NOT 9%! How the heck did he even arrive at that calculation? Operating profit is down 43% because of... read more

Future of TR leadership and bonuses

Saw this: Does this mean that employee bonuses will also be higher this year? Is JS setting up for retirement? Who will be his successor? I... read more

More layoffs in March?

What are the chances we'll be looking at even more layoffs in March? I've heard it mentioned a few times as a possibility.

Salary freezes?

Does anyone know if the rumor of salary freezes is true? Many people promoted into new roles were made offers to switch laterally and fast with the verbal commitment that salary would be negotiated later. Will this even happen if salaries are frozen?

Circus all around

Legal ASM and employee survey

Jim S, Neil S, Brian P and Mary V were all on stage doing a Q&A with a Reuters journalist. They did a live texting poll where they asked attendees if they were excited with the direction the company was headed. 80% responded NO and the executives... read more

Martens conference today

More org changes in mid March as they move "resources" around even globally. We are actually said that they're considering shifting resources from London to the US and vice versa. And that the costs do not outweigh the benefits. Well as a homeowner... read more

Severance and Unemployment TR New Jersey

My position in Hoboken was eliminated 12/31/2018. Severance package is for a year. Does anyone know if I can claim unemployment benefits during or after the severance period? I filed a claim, got a notice of benefit determination with a weekly dollar... read more

I'll pass

One of the things in my severance package was an offer to join the TR Alumni Association.


Leaving or staying, make sure you are honest in the survey tomorrow.

Contractors only

It's extremely annoying that the company is hoping that people will retire or quit because of such low morale. And the only jobs postings out there are for contractors because they're too cheap to want to pay benefits. I find this disgusting. They... read more

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