Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Scary message from HR at TR

"go back to leaders who are high in exceeds and have them ‘prioritize’ the exceeds and move some to achieved. They may also need to look at ‘achieved’ to ‘partially achieved’. We need to be really diligent with ratings as these will be used in... —  read more 

The rule of mediocrity

I get sick when I see incompetent people progressing here. They assign them to positions where they have nothing to offer. Experience and skills seem to be becoming less and less valued in this company. This is devastating, especially since the... —  read more 

Announcing DISCORD 2021

We're proud to announce that DISCORD 2021 will take place virtually throughout the Thomson Reuters enterprise beginning January 1st. Taking a cue from SYNERGY2020, Thomson Reuters has decided to be here now and host an internal users conference... —  read more 

All done for the year?

It’s been quiet here for a little while. Are they done for the year? There hasn’t been much update on areas hit and numbers. In one of the threads, someone said severance was dependent on people not talking. Don’t think that was the case the last few... —  read more 

Hard to be positive

With all the cuts that happened it’s difficult to remain positive and it’s even more disheartening to watch my coworkers that were impacted. Two of these are colleagues that I’ve worked side by side with for years and who I am not afraid to admit... —  read more 

Wondering ...

Who's going to pick up the work of those RIF'd in the latest round? There can't be that many actual workers left on the floor now, and I can't see outsourcing being a solution due to COVID. Also picking that TR will add insult to injury here and get... —  read more 

Shame on this place

I am at a point where I hate this company. I hate it for devastating so many families at a time like this - and don't give me that "this is just business" c-ap. TR just eliminated experienced, hardworking employees who gave years of their life to... —  read more 

Scared to death

I’ve never been fearful until now. This pandemic has screwed everything up economically. I am somewhat prepared, but I have family and friends who have been laid off in various industries and they are all having a difficult time finding employment... —  read more 

Layoffs in November

Yes, there are usually layoffs in November with this company. Don't we know it. However, they have been going on for nearly a decade now, which begs the question: Why? TR management get paid large salaries and all they can come up with as a growth... —  read more 

How ironic!

The company seems to be making much lately of suddenly caring for employees' mental health, eg the mental health day next month. Call me very cynical, but it's a pity the company didn't exhibit such a "caring" attitude when it quite happily laid off... —  read more 

Two weeks notice?

If you give a two weeks notice at TR, do they let you finish out your two weeks or do they terminate immediately and pay you out the last two weeks or not pay the last two weeks at all?

Thoughts or observations?

I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts about ageism and people being being RIF'd for what would seem to be poor performance in the latest round of layoffs. Couldn't help but notice that the majority of people laid off in my area were 50+ and... —  read more 

Calm before the storm

It seems pretty calm, new CEO must be assessing next steps, but the old senior management is getting removed one by one, so how does that bode for the people they chose to be segment leaders. We are at a stand still and there is a calmness in the... —  read more 

Thoughts on Brian P?

What are people’s thoughts on COO Brian Pec.? A lot of employees are frustrated with him bc of his lack of leadership during the covid crisis. Management seems to be happy with a “do nothing” approach while the lower level workers suffer drastic... —  read more 

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