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Excellent post from Refinitiv side

If you haven’t picked up on this thread yet from the Refinitiv side at, it’s well worth reading as it mentions people and programs from both sides of the house.
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Legal Professionals Town Hall

What were the main takeaways from BC’s webcast? I thought there was little substance. Correct me if I’m wrong. Heavy use of buzz words: customers, agile, this and that. Very little transparency on priorities: get more customers — really? Manage... read more


you know what it is - your manager puts you in an impossible situation that either directly violates the trust principles or puts your job at risk. it happened to me. did it happen to you?

Destruction of Reuter’s brand

How much longer until Bloomberg airs the dirty laundry that the new F & R (Blackstone) is monetizing and circumventing the old Reuter’s need ethics clauses? One of the most trusted unbiased sources of news will collapse. PE firms don’t sign 30 year... read more

Lat's not give them the satisfaction

I think they are counting on a lot of people in their 30s and 40s to see the writing on the wall and to intensely job hunt and find new jobs. That will count for their hopes for attrition and will be part of the 3200 jobs they want to get rid of by... read more

Tax canada

Layoffs should include the Simpleton, the Bully and the Loud and Obnoxious

Layoffs in January?

A few weeks ago it was mentioned that we are supposed to have more layoffs in January. Haven't heard anything about that since, so is there any chance that it's not happening after all?

Being Agile

Can somebody please tell me how to be more agile? It’s my boss’ new favorite word. If someone can also explain how the word applies to whatever it is that is happening with the alleged reorganization, that would be great, too.

Cuts in Asia?

Asia seems to not be hit as hard as EMEA or US so far. Any idea if this is part of the strategy or it's just a matter of time until the large scale cuts also hit Asia?

Thomson Reuters- Canada/Kennedy office

Sadly people are finding out that the Editorial/Legal are all losing their supervisors. Some have found out before Christmas break during their review, some found out while being on workday and seeing they no longer report to a supervisor. Most all... read more

Management bonus

Does anyone know what is going to happen with managers who are becoming "individual contributors" in the move to "flatten" the organization? Will they lose the management bonus? Be forced to take pay cuts? Will they still have to manage people/... read more

Making A lot of sense now

Looking into the upper mgmt and lead pedigrees, I’m realizing that most of these people have been at TR for YEARS. Like 10-15 yrs plus. And I’ve never even heard of where they went to school. This is why the company is in the trash. D- level... read more

TR in 2019 - predictions

Today is the last day for many people at TR. Expect updated org charts on the Hub with lots of missing faces. Does anyone know if there will be another wave of layoffs in Q1 2019 or will HR wait for a big wave of post-bonus attrition in March before... read more

Corporates Head (PM) townhall

Last Wednesday during PM’s townhall was it just me or did he “try” very hard to make it clear that he’s been honest this entire time and management is not out of touch?? He’s either really naive or straight up lying. Either way he’s unfit for the... read more

Job tips after a layoff

For those needing some job tips after a layoff, I ran into this today. Frankly, I like the fact that it's not an article but answers from other employees, so it's more relevant, in my opinion. Anyhow, it's a short but good read... read more

We need change at the top

For me there is no point in flattening an organization for cost savings and efficiencies if the same leaders making the same questionable decisions remain in their roles, and at least the same generous salaries and benefits as before. There are a lot... read more

Chief People Officer on the hub

Read the Q&A with the useless position that is the chief people officer on the hub from Dec. 18. Someone in the comments section had it in them to call out the garbage that is going on. Great post. Then, of course, a corporate crony in the business... read more


Does anyone have details of the layoffs in Beijing Development? I used to have contact with some of the guys there, and hope they were not too badly impacted.

I hate this

I'm done with Thomson Reuters, I've been trying to find a new job for months now, yet everything I get offered is below my current pay. I wouldn't mind taking a small cut, but not as much as it's being offered. Is it just me or is the situation... read more

Voluntary severance

I’m wondering why the org doesn’t offer voluntary severance. Bit less pain getting to the 12%. They’d probably get a lot of takers. What’s the downside? Cost? They’re giving severance to people being laid off, what’s a few more? Extra cost could be... read more

Insider sells C$2 million TR stock

Thomson Reuters Corp (TSE:TRI) (NYSE:TRI) insider Brian Louis Scanlon sold 43,797 shares of the firm’s stock in a transaction on Thursday, November 8th. The stock was sold at an average price of C$47.61, for a total value of C$2,085,175.17.

Health insurance after being laid off?

Can anybody please tell me what's the situation with health insurance after being laid off? What are the options given? I'm really scared of ending without medical coverage right now due to my current situation, and that's making this whole thing... read more

Manager vs. Executive

I am a manager and I can assure you that many of us know any more than non-managers about what is going on. We learn about layoffs with a couple days notice. And we are supposed to justify the decisions and keep our teams motivated. Please don't... read more

Salary and bonuses.

TR executives care only about their salary and bonuses. They put on the charade of pretending to care by sending out surveys to measure employee engagement/satisfaction, but they never take action on the results. I've never really understood why they... read more

Who'd have thought

Looks like those who were already laid off by Thomson Reuters are the lucky ones. There hand might have been forced in leaving but all of them are better off either already in their new companies or looking than having stayed here and having to worry... read more

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