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Leadership doesn't even care about customers

They care only about making the most money by outsourcing and laying people off. If they truly cared about customers, they would recognize that institutional knowledge is what the original company was built on and is what retains customers. The whole... read more

I stopped caring a long time ago

And I stopped giving it my all. Actually, since I know my days here are already numbered due to my age and years with the company - I'm not even sure how I survived layoffs so far - I've been doing the bare minimum required. And I know I'm not the... read more

This is what our "leaders" think of us

In a Hub Q&A with someone I won't name (look it up), an employee asked about the effect of knowledge "being walked out of the building." The response was both stunning and tone deaf. "Our efforts to make our organization simpler...were deliberate. We... read more

What's next?!

What is the next trick that JS has in his pockets?
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Nobody wants Reuters

Truth is neither Refin nor TR really wants Reuters. Costs have been uncontrollable, there's no differentiator in the segment that actually makes money, and the margins are laughable. The problem is, who would want to buy this money-losing pit? Sad... read more

Are you serious?!

I am not sure why employees would think posting negative posts here is helping you to survive through this or next or even next next round. Or I can assume some of you who post here were the ones already being let go and now trying to avenge this... read more

Business resources allocation

Well the company no longer allocates resources to the business so why should any of the remaining employees invest any more time or energy? Especially since the lack of resources was the result of intentional layoffs and outsourcing. They made their... read more

This should not be a site to bash others

I've been reading the posts on this site since November 2018 when my position was eliminated after almost 30 years with WG&L and it subsequent incarnations. I don't understand people who use this forum to belittle the concerns of others. Too many... read more
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Morale keeps plumeting

The situation is so bad at TR right now that morale is reaching a new low - something I didn't think was possible. We have top performers just going through the motions, waiting for the moment when they can leave. And you know things are bad when... read more

Does anyone enjoy working here any more ?

I read with interest the comments on this board and somebody that worked at TR for 10+ years, which on whole were enjoyable . It seems most just can't wait to get out and move on ?

Help anyone ?

I'm amused today that a manager in department sent an email around to everyone saying that basically they need help with other projects so if anyone has any time this week, they should volunteer and it would be decided in order of priority. Let me... read more

Layoffs in Dallas and Toronto?

Are layoffs happening in Dallas and Toronto as we speak? I saw three people were laid off in Dallas two weeks ago from Legal and Corporates. I thought the worst is over until thanksgiving of 2020 - the usual two yearly restructuring. Being in... read more

When will management wake up?

The Improve quality crazy cycle. Client complains about an issue. Special projects are created to satisfy client and improve technical tool. Multiple projects thrown at workers already overworked. Headcount NEVER increased because they don't have... read more

Do you see a future at Thomson Reuters?

Newer employees, do you see a future at Thomson Reuters? Do you see yourself building a career here or is this just a stepping stone for something else? I'm asking here because at the office not one of the new people thinks this is a good place for... read more

What will they do next?

Seems we entered a calmer time after all the mess that has happened. Can’t see that state staying for too long. In that sense I would like to get some thoughts on what do you think they plan to do next. More layoffs? Outsourcing? Selling off some... read more

Denial is a River in Egypt

I see quite a bit of denial on this thread, as if positing one's head in the sand will fix the problem. When you meet someone with this affliction, you are talking to a weak person who cannot deal with adversity or even change. As if that weren't bad... read more

This makes no sense

"If someone has been unemployed more than 90m days, they are deemed 'No longer looking.' Where does that leave people who have a one-year/non-compete severance agreement? Asked in another thread, bumped to the top because I'd really like to know the... read more

What is the TRUE unemployment rate?

If it seems like the job market isn't quite as strong as we're told, it's because it isn't. It's a rigged number, purposefully. Long story short, people who don't find work within X amount of time are moved into different categories which assume they... read more

The Model is Changing

If it seems like the Execs are making short term decisions which will leave the company worse off in the end, it's because they are. But, it's not because they are stupid or don't know what even the new hire knows, it's because they know the current... read more

Is everybody having trouble finding a new job?

I see somebody posted here they were not able to find a new job yet, and I know two more people recently laid off by Thomson Reuters who are still looking. This is starting to worry me - I honestly thought job market was really good right now and... read more

They forget….

They forget that all the loyal , skilled employees they treat like dirt and chuck out with the garbage may have influence at next employer and steer them away from TR products and services. Personally this happens to me years ago. I knew the inside... read more

Massive TR layoffs

Laid off in December, had to go on unemployment recently because I have still to find the right job. TR as a whole, thinks drastic change is always for the better (not true), and does not value their knowledgeable & loyal employees in the way that... read more
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Hub video Brian Peccarelli on OHI pulse results

He noted a lot of the "gripes" were about greater job role clarity. Legal professionals are the most unhappy sector at TR. Well no kidding. He said the solution is to work on a training program for employees on how to work in the new environment to... read more

What’s next on chopping block?

With F&R gone, what’s next - Legal and Corprorates which have been growing very slow, similar to F&R, or TA, which is growing at high rate? Even Corporate has overlap between Legal and TA products.

Joining Thomson Reuters in Canada, any advice?

I am joining Thomson Reuters in Canada. Salary is very good for Canadian standards. All the layoff posts are scary and have me worried. Any advice on how to avoid layoffs? Does high salary automatically puts you into layoff bucket?

Love this exchange

On the Hub discussion about improving the employee experience, one employee wrote: "All the work that needed to be done before we restructured still needs to be done." In response, the employee was told: "I have to disagree...we have to be brutal... read more

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