Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Sales Rep Comp

The Sales Comp process and calculations have been wrong the last 2 years, and many give up challenging the amount of comp paid due to the lengthly time consuming internal processes and the fear of losing their jobs. What can be done

Your own development

Who is of impression that TR does not care about your own development within the company? Do you feel like TR is trying to ignore your expertise by giving you a better opportunities or trying to use your knowledge (means using you) to pass it over... —  read more 

Learn to say no

The company will push you until you break. The company wants to get as much out of you as possible. You need to push back. This can be done directly by just telling your manager or whomever is asking for the work “no”. It took me a while to learn... —  read more 

Elite Layoffs?

We had someone let go on May 31st (the day before the spinoff of Elite from TR). Presented to the team as “performance” related. But timing is very suspect so wanted to see if any other groups were affected.

No May layoffs

Unless something happens in the next few days, I guess the talk of a May round was not true. I don't know if I'm happy about it or disappointed. I'm currently half-scared of getting laid off but also half-hopeful that I will be cut and that I'll get... —  read more 

Looking for a new offer

The atmosphere here has become very bad. In fact, I don't think it's ever been worse. On the other hand, I'm so overwhelmed with work that I hardly have time to dedicate myself to looking for a new job as much as I would like. You?

Nobody is hiring

Am I the only one who is unable to find any good opportunities? I keep searching daily but I'm mostly coming up empty. When I do find something I like and go through the entire very lengthy process, I end up finding that their offer is ridiculously... —  read more 

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