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Synergy 2020?

What are the plans for the annual Tax Professionals meet up? Delayed? Cancelled? And what about the fate of the Events staff that plan and administer it?

Town Hall meeting 4/23/20

Nothing about potential layoffs or downsizing, only feel-good stories about the resilience of the company. I expect the purge this November to be as sudden and cold as it was last time.

TR Segments - what's going to happen

When you look at the segments, Tax, Corp and Legal, which group is in the best position to whether the storm. Tax looks like it's going to be even more brutal than last year with the tax deadline extended, which means that the selling season is... —  read more 

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Thoughts on Brian P?

What are people’s thoughts on COO Brian Pec.? A lot of employees are frustrated with him bc of his lack of leadership during the covid crisis. Management seems to be happy with a “do nothing” approach while the lower level workers suffer drastic... —  read more 

Corona coverage

it's pretty clear by now that the health crisis is also spilling to a corporate and financial crisis. where's the coverage? i mean, features, general news stories and all are interesting, but where's the equities coverage? do reuters corporate news... —  read more 

Thomson Reuters must be in a bit of a quandary

TR must be in a bit of a quandary. The number of workers left on the floor from the last cull must be greatly reduced, exposing just how top heavy the company is with managers - all drawing large salaries. If the Covid crisis is to be used as an... —  read more 

Leadership shakeups

Email from CEO Steve Hasker this morning informing that COO Neil Masterson is leaving TR. There is speculation that the Chief Product Officer Salim Sunderji will be leaving TR soon as well as there is displeasure with his work or lack thereof... —  read more 

Covid 19 layoffs

Has TR announced anything in regards to hiring, layoffs, furloughs, in regards to COVID 19. I assume they will or have put on a hiring freeze, which makes complete sense, however I would also think they would use this as an opportunity to reduce... —  read more 

Ageism was a factor in the latest layoff

It would appear that ageism was a factor in the latest cull. Many corporates proceed with layoffs knowing that bringing lawsuits takes money and is well out of reach of the average joe, especially older workers who often not in a position to fight... —  read more 

Shutting it Down... Now...

UK lockdown rules: People must stay at home, unless.. Shopping for basic needs 1 form of exercise a day, alone or with members of household Medical needs or to help a vulnerable person Travel to and from work, if absolutely necessary ... —  read more 

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Former or current?

Wish this board had polling capabilities, but who on here still works for TR? Who here doesn't? Anyone been laid off hired back? Felt inspired to ask from prev post regarding thanking former employees from last year for bonus, with others... —  read more 


Today I had my Annual Compensation Meeting and I want to thank all of you those who worked for TR in the past for your contribution towards the bonus I got. Although it's not a huge amount, every dollar counts and it is part of your dollars.

3200 layoffs by 2020

The 3200 position cut number was announced in 2018. Anyone know how many of those positions have already been eliminated and/or what we can expect moving forward in 2020?

Criteria used for latest round of layoffs?

Just wondering whether anyone out there ever learned the actual criteria TR used to select people for being laid off in the latest round? I saw some really good people laid off - makes me wonder how they decided who was to go.


I would get out of findlaw ASAP. Honestly legal I’m general doesn’t know up from down at this point.

New titles = better pay?

There's been a change of titles for many people in Hoboken. Anyone have any guesses or insight into what this means?

Having trouble filling attorney editor positions

Lol. We fired a bunch of people around the country and now we're having trouble hiring enough replacements in a single (midsize?) legal market with low unemployment. Don't get me wrong, the Twin Cities are great, but thinking you're going to fire... —  read more 

More layoffs at Kennedy Rd today

More long time employees losing their jobs so they can be shipped to Costa Rica.... geez unreal these people have given TR so much & this us what they get .... incredibly sad times & financial heartbreak ... Merry Christmas sure

Hypnosis via Apple watch

Just learned that MSP office is apparently offering to entice current staff to refer prospective employees to the company as attorney editors. I don't believe this is a credible attempt to hire people as employees (only poorly paid and uninvested... —  read more 

No more turkeys?

Communication on basic things such as the health care renewal and distribution of turkeys has been solax this year. I have not heard a word about them giving out the turkey vouchers. Maybe I missed it but is it me or did they just stop doing it... —  read more 

Global Service Desk

Service issues are no longer addressed and tickets are unanswered, were layoffs done in Hyderabad as well?

Nov Lay-off

Annual Axe dropped in Eagan this week... How’d everyone come out?

Reuters turnaround? Can they actually do it?

J.S is on his way out.

Thomson Reuters has begun the search for a chief executive to succeed J.S. who has led the $34 billion professional information group since 2012." Search firm Spencer Stuart is in charge. "The search was at an early stage, one said, with the handover... —  read more 

Anyone bothering to complete survey

Is anyone bothering to complete the organizational health survey, and if so, what are the chances that it's safe to be honest? Why does the company even pretend to care at this point? It is obvious they consider everyone expendable.


layoffs witnin refinitiv yesterday. people found out in the AM they wouldn't have jobs today. heard something like 200, mostly in tech. not clear if it was just eagan or globally

Layoff season

Is anyone else nervous about the annual layoff time? It seems like the messages from upper management continue to be "rah rah we're so great...empowered and customer focused." They're clueless about how bad morale is so I wouldn't be surprised if... —  read more 

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