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Layoffs in November

Yes, there are usually layoffs in November with this company. Don't we know it. However, they have been going on for nearly a decade now, which begs the question: Why? TR management get paid large salaries and all they can come up with as a growth... —  read more 

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How ironic!

The company seems to be making much lately of suddenly caring for employees' mental health, eg the mental health day next month. Call me very cynical, but it's a pity the company didn't exhibit such a "caring" attitude when it quite happily laid off... —  read more 

Two weeks notice?

If you give a two weeks notice at TR, do they let you finish out your two weeks or do they terminate immediately and pay you out the last two weeks or not pay the last two weeks at all?

Thoughts or observations?

I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts about ageism and people being being RIF'd for what would seem to be poor performance in the latest round of layoffs. Couldn't help but notice that the majority of people laid off in my area were 50+ and... —  read more 

Calm before the storm

It seems pretty calm, new CEO must be assessing next steps, but the old senior management is getting removed one by one, so how does that bode for the people they chose to be segment leaders. We are at a stand still and there is a calmness in the... —  read more 

Thoughts on Brian P?

What are people’s thoughts on COO Brian Pec.? A lot of employees are frustrated with him bc of his lack of leadership during the covid crisis. Management seems to be happy with a “do nothing” approach while the lower level workers suffer drastic... —  read more 

Corona coverage

it's pretty clear by now that the health crisis is also spilling to a corporate and financial crisis. where's the coverage? i mean, features, general news stories and all are interesting, but where's the equities coverage? do reuters corporate news... —  read more 

Leadership shakeups

Email from CEO Steve Hasker this morning informing that COO Neil Masterson is leaving TR. There is speculation that the Chief Product Officer Salim Sunderji will be leaving TR soon as well as there is displeasure with his work or lack thereof... —  read more 

Covid 19 layoffs

Has TR announced anything in regards to hiring, layoffs, furloughs, in regards to COVID 19. I assume they will or have put on a hiring freeze, which makes complete sense, however I would also think they would use this as an opportunity to reduce... —  read more 

Shutting it Down... Now...

UK lockdown rules: People must stay at home, unless.. Shopping for basic needs 1 form of exercise a day, alone or with members of household Medical needs or to help a vulnerable person Travel to and from work, if absolutely necessary ... —  read more 

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Former or current?

Wish this board had polling capabilities, but who on here still works for TR? Who here doesn't? Anyone been laid off hired back? Felt inspired to ask from prev post regarding thanking former employees from last year for bonus, with others... —  read more 


Today I had my Annual Compensation Meeting and I want to thank all of you those who worked for TR in the past for your contribution towards the bonus I got. Although it's not a huge amount, every dollar counts and it is part of your dollars.

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