Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Preparing for layoffs

Unfortunately, I think layoffs are inevitable. I'm anxious through the roof, especially because I can't get any other good offer. Maybe someone has more insights about layoffs? Who could be the biggest target group? Any guesses how big the... —  read more 

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Bye bye Pat

Looks like our great chief strategy officer got pushed as he's delivered nothing since arriving from Microsoft. As useful as t!ts on a bull

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Tired and annoyed

I used to enjoy my job for the most part, but thanks to my new manager I've switched to hating it. He avoids us if he can, there is almost no in-person communication. Then he sends us emails about all the things we did wrong the previous day. It's... —  read more 

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777 Open Roles

Down by almost half. And we have a hiring freeze in place. Not to mention our annual Thanksgiving Purge is around the corner. How many will get let go this year?

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So, curious to know, in your opinion which TR initiatives (big or small) are epic failures? I can think of several recent ones that were just totally done halfa$$.

Promoted but dissatisfied?

It's truly shameful that any company would offer its employees a promotion with just a change in title and without a corresponding increase in remuneration to go with the promotion. It begs the question how many senior managers would accept the same... —  read more 

Feeling stuck

Telling my manager exactly what I want out of my career and outlining my professional goals, does not bring any results. I feel stuck here. How to grow at TR when there's no room for growth? How many of you feel stuck here? It seems that the only... —  read more 

This takes the cake

TR leadership has done a lot of stupid things but my favorite remains getting rid of some of our best people and then having to hire two and in some cases even three people to do their work. Even at their higher rate of pay, by the time they're... —  read more 

Sales PIP

Sales tabs keep taking hits to move people from high commissions to lower commissions higher base pay. Lower OTE. The rules change daily and Some people have 4 to 5 people on plans that are performing

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