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Corporate all hands

Head of corporate P iotr holding all hands call now. Why does he say “listen” in a condescending tone so much.

How is reorg impacting talent recruiting?

How is the reorg impacting talent recruiting efforts and the talent pipeline? Heard that offers were rescinded to a new crop of grads but it may just be a rumor. Does anyone know?

Laid off

I was given notice that my job will not longer be available as of November 30, but that is b---s--- as it will now be given to someone much younger. Here is a story about Thomson reuters, when I was hired the manager offered me a certain amount of... read more

Any assistance for those laid off?

Does Thomson Reuters offer any kind of assistance for those laid off? I'm not talking about severance, but something like work counseling or something similar?

Thomson Reuters Legal to be sold in 2020?

My bet is that legal will be sold in 2020. Streamline costs and appear to be more profitable in 2019 and sell in 2020. Someone posted below on another thread and it’s the most logical post I’ve seen on this site. “Thomson Reuters Legal (TRL) is now... read more

Thomson Rueters stock at all time high

And they layoff to keep it that way. Thomson family still one of the richest in Canada. Strange that Reuters limited the reporting of the Thomson Reuters mass layoffs. Instead, Reuters was busy coverung an Apple supplier’s limited guidance... read more

Reuters story didn't even mention cost cuts! If the journalists completely missed it, there's an issue with competence. If the journalists didn't think it was... read more

Management being deceptive

Someone else posted about management being deceptive regarding the layoffs but that post was deleted for some reason Someone posted Piotr being deceptive and condescending. Thoughts on him and others?

legal all hands on monday nov 19

gorter is hosting a webex all hands for legal. not sure if it's just mps or what so that's a thing that we're all dreading after rochester. invite came across around late friday morning "last minute" all hands the monday before thanksgiving in this... read more

Ann Arbor office: Check-In

For those of you in Ann Arbor, what’s been happening there? There’s a thread on Carrollton and the changes there. I’ve worked with several people in Ann Arbor - can we get a status update?

Replacing older workers with cheap millennials

I see this happening more and more. The company no longer cares about quality. No matter how many years of experience you have that insures you'd do your job better than somebody right out of school, you are not safe. The only thing that matters is... read more


Heard layoffs happened here in Carrollton today mostly in building D and E not sure the teams that are down their

The talented: How can we help each other.

As one of the highly talented people caught up in these layoffs, how can we find a productive way to help each other? The one thing that impressed me so much over the years is how many smart people were working for the company. Could we start a... read more


Managers and directors are communicating lay offs today to other team members

more layoffs coming

Expect more layoffs through the end of year. Layoffs will resume in Jan. and will continue through June.

What is the direction this ship is headed in?

I am more surprised by the apparent indiscriminate vastness of it. So many people in nearly every position. What this “reset” means for the future. No communication of the vision. What does it look like for all of our different products and solutions... read more

Is Rochester the only location closing?

The company is refusing to provide any details about the closing to anybody, media included, that it has me worried Rochester is only an intro into something much more substantial. I just can't figure out if it's even more layoffs or even more... read more

TR preparing to sell Legal business?

This article asks if the string of layoffs and office closings might indicate preparatons to sell the Legal businsess...

The "hub" communication

Why do we get so many details and facts to the true happenings of the TR organization changes on this website instead of the company approved communication site? Leaders keep talking about how the organization will be leaner and flatter but never... read more

TR names the new president of Reuters News

TR stated in an official press release that it has appointed the new president of Reuters news and media operations. According to the release, the new president will take office on December 3rd. All the details about this new appointment are in the... read more

A sad way to handle layoffs

It's sad that senior management would handle lay offs this way. They don't seem to recognize that people talk and information leaks out. They've completely lost control of the conversation and fostered an atmosphere of dread that will have an impact... read more

Eagan layoffs today

I’m hearing that layoffs are once again hitting Eagan today, including in Legal sales / client management. Anyone else heard first hand?

Layoffs start in 90 days

Rochester is about 500 workers. Layoffs begin in 90 days and extend into spring of next year. Many won't depart until late March 2019. They have put the office space up for sale. The layoffs are staggered because of the many thousands of workers... read more

Right before Chrismas

Its prime time for layoffs right before Christmas (and yeah thats what time of year is coming- not “holidays”). Anyway, typical for TR/repukativ to lay off people at this time. Before financial year end or whatever Hohoho... you should have quit long... read more

Silence from TR management is deafening

So we get confirmation - via a local news outlet - that TR has shut down the entire office in Rochester, N.Y. But here in Toronto, we get no official news of anything. Just rumours circulating like crazy. For a company that used to pride itself on a... read more

TR (not refinitive) - development redundancies

Was told yesterday that all development groups within corporates under 100 people in size, not in the strategic development locations, are to be closed / made redundant. Personally, the redundancy period will ultimately last until 30 June 2019 for... read more
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TR (not refinitive)

Was told yesterday that all development groups within corporates under 100 people in size, not in the strategic development locations, are to be closed / made redundant. Personally, the redundancy period with ultimately last until 30 June 2019 for... read more
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TR "Transformation"

Sears has been in a "Transformation" for years. Just remember that when TR management tells you this is a transformation and will lead to better days. TR employees, like so many others, will soon experience the depth execs will go to in order to hold... read more
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