Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Morale at all time low

Worker morale is at all time low. Leadership is largely silent. Many workers in the US have been eliminated and replaced with low cost workers in Mexico, Philippines, and India. Support resources have been eliminated. “Do more (work) with less... —  read more 

Did anybody else notice

That they stopped answering all the town hall questions. For a short period of time last year they did follow up emails with questions and answers. Those all seemed to have stopped. I thought this company was all about transparency. Must just be... —  read more 

Unused time off

Was anybody else unable to use their time off in 2021 due to deadlines, lack of resources and no backup? With the "use it or lose it" policy, TR wins by making people work when they are supposed to be off and not paying for the PTO.


From what I can see, if you want to get promoted you have to be careful not to pi-s off anybody who is even one level above you, because people here remember and will be happy to trip you up over a smallest disagreement. That in itself shouldn't be... —  read more 

Thoughts on Eagan Campus

I was curious what the folks here think about the recent announcement that they are exploring all opportunities regarding the campus in Eagan. Moving, staying, leasing, adding on, whatever. I am really interested in how this translates to working... —  read more 

Wrong strategy

As far as I've noticed, the main strategy of our company is growing profits by cutting costs. Usually it's a sign of dying company. Do those at the top really think that is sustainable in the long term? Until when will this be the only... —  read more 

Who is to blame?

A lot of it comes down to training which there has been a dearth of. We used to have great training and their immediate managers actually trained their direct reports. That is not happening at the same pace or at the same level of quality. However I... —  read more 

Change BS Stream

Did anyone else find the SH session on the Change Stream demotivating today? Apparently all of our products are currently horrible and difficult for our sales people to understand and sell, then why are we beating all forecasts for WL and PL? Only... —  read more 

Hoping to get laid off

Been with TR for almost 20 years, originally with a smaller firm until acquired. No real elevation, just small raises to match inflation and benefits to keep me fed. Year after year, doing more with less, no end or promotion to see, just reports to... —  read more 

Worst year ever

I have been working here since 2013 and this has definitely been the hardest year for me here. This used to be a serious and respectable company, but now it seems like a joke of a company. I don't intend to stay much longer, but I'm interested in... —  read more 

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