Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Vaccine Mandate

Will TR require a mandate and if you don't get one you're fired? Maybe laid off? Could this be an easy way to let people go without paying severance?

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Used TR to my advantage

I was planning to retire at 54 and everything was planned. Last steps were to give notice to TR and leave. Then I figured these folks can’t go 12 months without making people redundant , so I will hang on another 12 months and see what happens. Then... —  read more 

Cheap labor

Can cheap labor fix the problems that are accumulating in this company? I'm not sure it can. Even if it works for a while, I don't know what the results of such a strategy will be in the long run. Luckily this is my last week here and I won’t be at... —  read more 

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Brain Drain

Just had another conversation with one of the best employees in their position telling me they are leaving for greener pastures. I’ve lost count of the number that have left in the last 2-3 months. I was excited for them. It actually wasn’t a... —  read more 

Too many VPs?

While new people are needed in certain areas, why does TR keep hiring high level people from Amazon, Facebook etc (high salaries/bonus, some with relocation) without eliminating some of the excess positions at that level? It seems the delayering... —  read more 

Friend needs advice

Friend of mine works in tax sales at TR. She is doing very well this year but the team could be eliminated end of year. Should she stick it out til the end and maximize comp but risk getting layoff? Or leave sooner?

A year later...

I don’t know what has changed here in the meantime, but a lot has changed in my life since I left TR. I am now aware that some things I was not even aware of while working at TR. I thought that was normal. This company, however, is best seen from a... —  read more 

Don’t waste your time

We all know TR is not mommy or daddy but we all expect give and take and make our time worthwhile when we are doing something because we are not day labor . All this comes from place of disappointment from wasting time at a place where you find out... —  read more 

Historical view

Around the turn of the century my small company was acquired by Thomson Financial. Later, the Reuters merger occurred; a titanic mistake from which the vast subsequent decline dates. Two mediocre companies do not make one great company. For a time... —  read more 

No one trusts you

Enough of the holding company to single operating company fluff. It's clear that you have no strategy but to make cuts, inflate the stock price, divest, and sell. No one trusts you or believe you, Andy. This sums it up really well... —  read more 

When is it enough?

Every day this leadership continues proving how incompetent they are. Considering all the mistakes they've made in the past several years, you have to wonder how they still have their jobs. What does it take for the ELT to suffer some consequences... —  read more 

I wish I was laid-off

I've been looking to leave for a while (I don't think this is the worst place to work but I do want to move on) but I'm sadly too much of a coward to quit. Being laid-off is exactly the kind of push I need. I wish there was a way to volunteer for... —  read more 

How is this normal?

I'm getting so tired of this place and constantly having to navigate all the politics, toxicity and back-stabbing. I have a feeling that anything would be better for my blood pressure than this, even flipping burgers for minimum wage. Is it really... —  read more 

Roles beyond TR

My Linked-In feed is full of ex-TR directors or above taking C-level or executive roles at other companies. Many of them were solid with great credentials. Is TR is letting go some of its best people or are they leaving on their own? What is going... —  read more 


To lay off people who were about to retire... just awful. Does it seem to you that the cuts are becoming more and more unscrupulous? I’m safe for now but I’m embarrassed when I know what great people are laid off. I will actively look for a new job... —  read more 

Integration Point

Announced today that the main Charlotte office is closing and practically everyone in Tech, regardless of location, is being let go. Only keeping a dozen or so people. Acquired this company 2 years ago for over $100 million and have driven it... —  read more 

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