Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Finding a new job

For those who were Rif’d in the past how long did it take you to find other employment? Were you able to remain within the industry or did you need to step outside to be gainfully employed? More importantly, did you find a position where you were... —  read more 

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Vaccine Mandate communication

Coming out tomorrow - so expect more attrition in the US with no backfills. Required vax by late November/efficacy December - per Federal policy. Maybe that will alleviate some of the layoffs coming soon.

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Customer Town Hall this week

Am I the only one who thought that BP should have put on a coat and tie for a Customer Town Hall? If we have an attorney in a coat and tie giving us "feedback," shouldn't one of our top executives try to not look so sloppy?

Feedback for TR Management

This post is for TR management. It is meant as genuine feedback and is not a wind up or a joke. I’ve been a regular user of TR products for many years. Over the last three or so I’ve noticed a decline in quality/standards in many of the products I... —  read more 

Begging for Employees

Well I kept hearing that there was no issue with employees attrition. However it certainly appears that is not the case. Multiple emails begging for help and offering money. Why did people leave in the first place. Was a good chunk of them because... —  read more 

Worst mistake ever!

Absolutely no support from my boss and my boss has no idea what I do. Management's mess is put on the backs of employees. Management will scream to clean up their mess. The organization does not "think" about the strategy. My previous jobs I had... —  read more 

"Enterprise Centre"

I happened to see that a certain former CTO at TR, SB, is now Vice Chairman and President of something called the Enterprise Centre at TR. What is the "Enterprise Centre" and what does it do?

Smoke screen & Outsourcing

Comment below reposted from comments on another post. Spot on The single operating company jargon is all FUD. It's just a smoke screen for additional cost-cutting / outsourcing. TR was already a single operating company and the work to integrate... —  read more 

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Used TR to my advantage

I was planning to retire at 54 and everything was planned. Last steps were to give notice to TR and leave. Then I figured these folks can’t go 12 months without making people redundant , so I will hang on another 12 months and see what happens. Then... —  read more 

Cheap labor

Can cheap labor fix the problems that are accumulating in this company? I'm not sure it can. Even if it works for a while, I don't know what the results of such a strategy will be in the long run. Luckily this is my last week here and I won’t be at... —  read more 

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