Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

Topics regarding layoffs at Thomson Reuters

1389 Open Roles

While it’s gone done a small bit I suspect it’s not going to go done any further. If anything the roles will just be removed. A recession is looming. Companies are initiating hiring freezes. From what I can tell there is a partial one here. They... —  read more 

Shortstaffed teams

We desperately need more people. If we stay shortstaffed for a while, that is, if I have to continue to work for two or three people for a long time, I will not hesitate much whether to quit or not. How many people are missing from your team?

Circus Crew

So the CEO is a very solid front face and talks big vision. Typical CEO and seems like a good one but the level below him is where it seems the circus crew begins. CPO reads text off deck, word by word (read as inspirational), the long gone CDO used... —  read more 

Younger generations

Strange as it may sound, counting the days until retirement makes me feel depressed. I thought I would be jumping with joy when this time came, but I have been here too long and despite everything, it will be a bit unusual for me. I'm feeling a... —  read more 

No growth

I don’t see that leadership has any good and concrete plan for growth. Lately, I've been thinking more and more about going to a growing company, even a smaller one. We could have a long discussion why there is no more growth at TR and what are... —  read more 

Request for Info: Project LOTUS

I’ve searched all across the Hub, Salesforce, Teams, SharePoint, IRMA, EMS. I have climbed highest mountains, I have walked through the fields. But I still can’t get any updates on LOTUS. can someone help me?

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