Topics regarding layoffs at Refinitiv

Topics regarding layoffs at Refinitiv

Effort equals compensation

If I ever get paid more, then I will make greater effort, but until then I don't want to burden myself and ruin my health just so that someone else can be paid more. In fact, why do people do this to themselves, working till burnout without being... —  read more 

4th quarter '22

Surprised to not find anything about this on this page. 80-100 people in the UK given redundancy packages. Not sure about how many in the other locations. The £50m additional cost synergies promised to investors had to come from somewhere.

Evaluated Pricing

Would someone please provide me some history on this group and the Ft. Mill, SC location strategy? I’m looking at a number of job postings on Indeed—corporates, munis, derivative valuation leads and some analysts are being hired. Also, how is the... —  read more 

Nepotism In US

I’m a little surprised to not to see anything about nepotism. I was really surprised when I started at Refinitiv in the US how many relatives of fellow employees worked within the company and reported within the same organization. On one call with... —  read more 

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Never laughed so much as I have over the last few days. Various Town Halls blabbering on about how good the culture. Oh my god are they blind. I’ve never seen so many people unhappy and furious as decisions being made. Lots of very talented... —  read more 

Managers need training

Most of the managers here have terribly bad managerial skills. The biggest mistake is that they approach everyone the same, they manage by fear. It is interesting to me that they still haven't realized that they will achieve better results by... —  read more 


Anyone got a clue how TF remains in charge of customer services? Never met a man who spills so much BS and breaks so many promises.

The amount of work

I feel anxious and overwhelmed by a mountain of work. I have been working here for several years and I have never had more work to do. I hoped that it would only be temporary, however, no, I am getting more and more work all the time. How busy... —  read more 

Evaluated Pricing update

New boss, more resignations and the same director doing whatever he wants. Municipal Team: evaluators and managers close to the market are gone. This happened as a consequence of a the relationship between the interim Muni director and one person... —  read more 

Refinitiv is a sinking ship

Nobody is happy, everybody is overworked and underappreciated. The increases we get - if we get them - are so low they don't even cover a third of the inflation. No matter how hard you work you will not be rewarded by the management - all they will... —  read more 

TCS = Poison

Anyone being offered a position at TCS do yourself a favor and decline. They are an absolute sh!tshow of a company. Mangaement/HR the worst.

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