Topics regarding layoffs at Refinitiv

Topics regarding layoffs at Refinitiv

Evaluated Pricing update

New boss, more resignations and the same director doing whatever he wants. Municipal Team: evaluators and managers close to the market are gone. This happened as a consequence of a the relationship between the interim Muni director and one person... —  read more 

RPF leavers party!

As ex Reuters staff process what is happening to their RPF pension, how many will just give up on the job? All that experience and project knowledge lost in a short period. Great move LSEG but at least you’ll save money and we won’t be missed because... —  read more 

They don't need talents

I think that those who have a bigger skillset and more talent think they are safer here. It is quite certain that this company no longer wants talented people. If it were otherwise, Refinitiv would do its best to keep them. Do you agree? It's a... —  read more 

Leaving 😊 uk

So if I am going to hand my notice in and I do it before March but am still in notice period till end of April will I still get my bonus or is it best to hold off until beginning of April to hand notice in

How to survive PIP?

I was put on PIP and it was a big surprise for me because I worked more than ever. So I guess there is no reliable way to survive PIP? For private reasons, the worst thing that could happen to me at the moment would be to lose my job. I would love... —  read more 

It's not worth it

I know some people are staying because of severance and frankly, I think that's a huge mistake. Severance never lasts as long as you hope it will. I know, I've been laid off from another company before. Right now, with the job market as good as it... —  read more 

LSEG townhall 6 Dec

The previous meeting invite had a link. Some very interesting and embarrassing Qs were asked, and I was looking forward to the townhall, to see how the Qs get answered. Many on DS's 25% sal jump vs. the poor stock price performance, some on... —  read more 

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