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Director level here, just informed that TR AIP target at nearly 135% after jettisoning F&R. Refinitiv AIP at barely 109%. No pro-rated TR AIP for 9 months and RFT for 3 as should be by rights for ex TR. Apparently, they covered this in the fine print... read more

Plans to PIP staff in Singapore

I understand that the new Singapore and Asia management will find reasons to PIP Staff rather than make them redundant to save on payments. Seems that the business has lost its way and staff welfare is a secondary concern. Anyone else hearing about... read more

New CFO leading a change?

A couple of months back newly joined CFO an outsider presumably recruited by BS. No idea what had happened all of a sudden the whole of Digital and Business Technology group is going to report to a CFO. Remind you this group has got possibly most... read more

Singapore new leadership style

threatening people with layoffs if they don’t follow process and randomly shuffle seat allocation across office to increase collaboration. pretty bold and open by the new head

Poor Eikon staff

I am seeing that some of these Eikon support people are now being renamed to SRE Without even having 1/4 the skillset that SREs are generally required to have. What did management think of this, changing the title of the employee will change the... read more

Capable leaders

I would have agreed with most of this until the comment was made about DW or NM being capable leaders. There is not one leader that I came across in my last years at TR that had the balls to make a bet and move the company to a place where earnings... read more

TradeWeb IPO Next to go FXAll i'm sure. Wouldn't be surprised if REDI also gets shuttered.

What's in a name Refinitiv?

One of the 1st decisions made by senior management - company name. And the results are in... See Ad Age article:

More layoffs in March

The next round will be in March. I am not worrying about when it hits. But I am worry about whether they will be as generous as the package (esp after June) they are handing out now. Does anybody know if this is true? And if it is, which areas will... read more

France is being hit

It took some time, but France had been told that approximately 45 positions were at risk (out of 300 maybe).

Performance on our CEO.

What do people think of his performance so far? We in Wrexham really enjoy receiving his emails telling us how good the company is doing since he told us we were being made redundant. We have to agree that it is the right thing to have the right... read more
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Stand down Refinitiv management

Enough already of this "stand up Refnitiv" garbage the management team are wetting themselves over. DC started it, and it was lame when he said it. Now others are trying to please the principle by echoing it. Someone referred to it today as they... read more

Management buzzword bingo

10 points for each of these management tropes in any Hub or Townhall. Try the latest HR (sorry, "People") non-announcement for practice: use of "excited" to describe announcing an org chart no one cares about appeal to higher authority (e.g., name... read more

Next week?

Can I relax over the weekend or do we already know more layoffs will hit us next week?

Ex-Reuters redundancy package - UK

Does anyone know what process Refinitiv would take if they chose to change the redundancy package the ex-Reuters staff have at the moment ? I have not yet been directly impacted by the current layoff round. There have been comments about several more... read more

Cost Cutting and Outsourcing

Blackstone have made it clear to Redcoat 'management' that they need to strip the business of all its assets, people, cashflow, intellectual property, physical property, processes, systems and leave behind a shell run by outsourced contractors... read more

A large number were let go in Eagan today..

We’re down to 1/3 of what was originally allocated and those of us remaining were told we had employment through March, October, or December of 2019. Deciding who stayed until when didn’t really seem to be strategic.

Bulk Layoffs with Bulk REFINITIV Job ads?

With the layoffs still fresh and the next round being lined up, it appears that there are many jobs now being advertised. Why would anyone in their right mind apply for a job in the midst of this mess? You'd have to be desperate for a job and anyone... read more

Are you impressed so far?

Are you impressed by what you see becoming the new Refinitiv? Do you see a much better/leaner organisation, a better way of doing things, best people at the right place, leaders truly motivated?

Refinitiv vision: the Netflix of data... lol !

I wish it will... but it's starting very badly. Netflix understood how to generate profits by investing locally and not only in worldwild productions. By closing all local customer supports, Refinitiv shoot himself in the foot.

Lots of teams hanging in mid air

After the last round of layoffs, a lot of MDs and their teams are floating around! This can’t be over until evert single employee has all dots connected to DC! But we are fast approaching November and there are still lots of ambiguity! Love to hear... read more

Cutting expensive people

Refinitiv is in debt so much, the only way to save money is to cut expensive people (you know, the people who can do twice the work at 3 times the quality in half the time?), consolidate, go into maintenance mode and make it look like they are at the... read more

How did they decide on who to lay off?

A lot of best people are gone, a lot of worst people are left. Only two reasons I can think of for that. People making the decision on who gets the boot only looked at numbers and nothing else or this was a concentrated effort to ensure the company... read more

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