Topics regarding layoffs at Refinitiv

Topics regarding layoffs at Refinitiv

How to survive PIP?

I was put on PIP and it was a big surprise for me because I worked more than ever. So I guess there is no reliable way to survive PIP? For private reasons, the worst thing that could happen to me at the moment would be to lose my job. I would love... —  read more 

It's not worth it

I know some people are staying because of severance and frankly, I think that's a huge mistake. Severance never lasts as long as you hope it will. I know, I've been laid off from another company before. Right now, with the job market as good as it... —  read more 

LSEG townhall 6 Dec

The previous meeting invite had a link. Some very interesting and embarrassing Qs were asked, and I was looking forward to the townhall, to see how the Qs get answered. Many on DS's 25% sal jump vs. the poor stock price performance, some on... —  read more 

Motivation zero

They probably think that it is unnecessary to motivate employees in some way. I guess they think that having a job is motivation enough in itself. I gotta admit, I don't even know what more could be done to boost the morale here? Even if they gave... —  read more 

People complain a lot

It’s okay to be dissatisfied and look for something better. However, I have worked in several companies in this industry and I can say that none of them were much better. It all depends on someone's priorities. Someone will say that it is much... —  read more 

After a full day of working here I don't have it in me to try to improve my skills or knowledge and look for a better job

This is the worst. Day in day out I work here even though I don't feel any satisfaction and yet after the workday ends I just... drift through the rest of the day. I know the only way for me to get a better job is by improving myself in one way or... —  read more 


So if someone gets graded underperforming because every manager has a target if 10% of staff underperforming. What happens next? If for some reason they decide to stay in role and not leave will they be made redundant? If they are in impossible role... —  read more 

Reporting Violations

I'd rather work for a company that CFTC hasn't ordered to pay a civil monetary penalty for swap data reporting failures, so I wouldn't have to read news like this: The regulator added that Refinitiv was aware or had reason to suspect that this was... —  read more 

Take care of yourself first

Here's some honest, if painful advice. Start working on your resume and looking for a new job, if only for your own sanity. The senior leadership are jumping off with their golden parachutes and don't give a flying cr*p about you. Your superior... —  read more 

Oh, not again

I don't understand how they think it is sustainable, whenever someone leaves their work passes on to those who remain. Ever since my colleague left, his job has been done mostly by me. Now there is a person who was supposed to be a replacement but... —  read more 

Don’t worry

I was made redundant last year. With the redundancy package and a job in a lot better company with management who know what they are doing, I’m so happy now. Don’t worry there is a better world outside Refinitiv! Those of you who are working... —  read more 

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