Topics regarding layoffs at Refinitiv

Topics regarding layoffs at Refinitiv

Bonus vibes

Hearing that for the nth time the powers that be are forcing managers to lower performance ratings for senior staff from 3s and 4s to 2s -presumably so the total bonus payout is reduced


I know we have all gone through a lot of changes. I have noticed that since Sept 2020 the culture at LSEG has progressively gotten worse. People are sometimes just plain mean. Anyone else witnessed this decline?

Kuala Lumpur office opening

To all the arrogant, big headed and self entitled managers out there… Thomas Frossell - “Besides allowing our employees to grow into several roles, another crucial aspect that is important to us is to cultivate and develop leadership locally, in this... — read more 

New Advertising

Anyone else think the recent marketing video looks like it was knocked up by an amateur and for the life of me I’m trying to remember what other company had a very similar marketing campaign advert (obviously not great if it cannot be remembered) — read more 

Effort equals compensation

If I ever get paid more, then I will make greater effort, but until then I don't want to burden myself and ruin my health just so that someone else can be paid more. In fact, why do people do this to themselves, working till burnout without being... — read more 

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4th quarter '22

Surprised to not find anything about this on this page. 80-100 people in the UK given redundancy packages. Not sure about how many in the other locations. The £50m additional cost synergies promised to investors had to come from somewhere.

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