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Change Healthcare dissembles when asked about possible layoffs in meeting today

Today we had the second company-wide meeting about the China Flu, and
one of the questions asked was whether there would be any job cuts
because of this situation. The lady speaking gave a long winded response
which did not address the substance of the question at all, something
about employee communication, blah blah blah.

Why can't these people just be honest? It's probably too early to know
if this is going to wind up causing layoffs, so just say you don't know
and leave it at that. Why is that so hard? Who do they think they are
fooling with these long non-responsive answers? All they do is make
themselves look shifty.

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Depending on how much covid slams payers and hospitals and doctors, this companies transactions and revenue will be way down so headcount adjustment gonna happen in next 3-6 weeks, planned because it has to. Employees beware.

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Just a quick question. What's up with all the emails begging for work from home contract people? I happily left Change Healthcare in the dust three years ago when they were kind enough to give me a five cents raise and let me know that I was expendable and that there were plenty of people waiting in the wings for my job. Has the Change Healthcare well run dry?

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How much Debt was Change in before this New Change? Hammer talked them into doubling it. It is a Layoff Garden that Change is growing. Hoping to harvest something before the whole thing dies. Closer to being Delisted than Doubling.

When they say "We are strong with a large credit line". Not good. I used to trust leadership. Since watching what Hammer did. No more.

I am shocked at the Talent we chose to layoff and the directors scrambling to make it work. The whole thing was a front for huge Exec payouts. Hammer got his.

and it is not a CHINA flu - grow up.

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