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This company is the Titanic

This company is the Titanic. Corporate greed at it's finest. The Bethlehem SSC closing is a blessing in disguise. This is a disgusting and uncaring company that's about to implode. Sorry to all the good people that got screwed. Hope Wayne Smith enjoys his bonus.

Perfectly stated, @7jap+14HX1TuT!

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Worst Hospital System in the Country Hands Down!

I had the DISPLEASURE of working for CHS in an administrative leadership capacity up. I've worked in several patient-centered successful systems over my career. CHS hires and maintains an incompetent hospital executive teams to include cheap, barely experienced, unqualified junior administrators as a hospital COO in training. These wet-behind-the-ears rookies focus on their resume, local politics, and look for a CEO job somewhere else in the company. Hospital staff do not respect their leadership teams especially the inexperience COOs. CHS business processes are completely ineffective in nearly every way. ICHS is inneffective toward meeting staff, patient and community needs. CHS is even oddly incompetent as a for-profit system in making good financial decisions. Hospitals are centrally managed and would be services for the community delayed by local administrative teams and corporate delays requiring constant rebidding of proposed projects due to corporate delays in decision-making...mostly because the local administrative team is incompetent in managing their hospitals and approving proposals on time. The emphasis is NOT community health as the corporate name states...far from it! Employees below the executive team-level care deeply about patients and do their best to provide standard of care with resources provided by the company. But the company itself couldn't care less about community health or high value healthcare delivery to patients. Their hospital executive teams earn a bonus based on what they think is profitable fees for surgeries, admissions, and ER visits from paying customers. Managers have to spend a lot of time walking around sending staff home based on non-evidence-based "units of service." At times the units of service are not even profitable but CHS takes a one-size-fits-all approach. They often don't have tools in place for business case analysis. Patient and staff needs as well as good business practices are secondary to arbitrary numbers indicating GROWTH because these are the metrics upon which the hospital executive team is compensated. The ugly truth! From my experience, communities need to run CHS out of their communities and out of business so their community hospitals can be managed more effectively and FOR THE COMMUNITY. It is shocking the CEO still has a job!

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