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OK, this is not good - Consumer Affairs reviews FTD Mother's Day 2020

You have to scroll down a bit to get to the May 2020 reviews, but they're there. Yes, you get that people tend to post negative reviews precisely because they are disgruntled about the order, but come on, flowers never arriving?? And FTD has not taken advantage by becoming an accredited partner, either, or it would show on this site at the very top. Mother's Day flowers never even arriving???

Not to critique them when they're down, but I just don't get why, when I type competitor "The Bouqs" into the search box, this is what comes up...

Assuming the entire supply chain is a hot mess right now, due to COVID-19, is The Bouqs company doing so well in these reviews? Oh and look, The Bouqs is listed as an "accredited partner." They're even savvy about taking advantage of that option.

Among the other, larger sized floral players, 1-800-Flowers is also not faring well on the Consumer Affairs review website either, despite all of the marketing and PR they did recently? Expected that the positive reviews would mathematically cancel out the negative ones for 1-800-Flowers after all the high profile interviews and shout outs about their stock being bullish recently.

Teleflora is also not faring well on this site:

Thus, a smaller and disruptive company, whose operations involve eliminating so many middlemen from the supply chain, is able to brag better reviews on this particular reviews site.

"We're taking a perishable supply chain and streamlining it," says their CEO John Tabis (who apparently went to Notre Dame, along with the guy from Nexus Capital, which bought FTD).

In a post COVID-19 economy, the process of disintermediation will be very popular, no doubt, such as looking into potential supply chain efficiencies. This is (predictably) the trend of the new business future.

The huge, lumbering elephants that move slowly are in danger of extinction. You can see the dissatisfaction with the status quo in the consumer reviews.

Wonder what Nexus is going to do? Let FTD limp along, collect some management fees, do a dividend recap early and exit, or really transform the business? TBD I guess...

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New England was down once, too, against the competition...

Just sayin

If they pull it off, Nexus Capital will make money upon some future exit.

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