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I am going to vent! I was laid off back in Oct. 2019. I had given 23 long a– years to a company that does not care for its workers! The hourly workers have made the under management who they are. But no thanks from them, just a phone call one morning telling you that you are gone. No reason just bye!! Well I have a great new job, but United Healthcare has made me nervous with speaking up in the new co. Since UHC always said they have an open door, trust me that door was never opened. That day in October 2019 has changed my life a whole hell of a lot!! Some for the good, some for the not so good. I really hope UHC gets it in the a– like they have done to so many good workers l!! Please Karma do your job on UHC.

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I agree with post @OP+14XggCsX. Management and upper ups are constantly saying we want your bright ideas. At the end , your bright ideas will create a system to do/take your job. There is this new NLS program "natural language system"-later term may not be correct but that program will impact whole bunch of clinicans, they won't need us anymore because the NPS will be faster and cheaper in the long run vs a human. I'm not mad, with technology moving as fast as it is, it is inevitable.

I am digressing but it's not like we (optum employees) are acting like the fast food industry, working at a fast food restaurant and want $15.00 an hour. Well fast food industry heard you guys and has decided to add kiosks to their eatery and don't need as many staff taking orders and the few that are working at $15.00 your hours are cut. So be careful what you wish for.

People don't realize, fast food restaurants was not meant to be a long term job(now career). You work there as a teenager/college student to pay for your vehicles, insurance, living expenses. It makes you realize "oh wow" I do not want to do this for a living. It is a stepping stone, you start there to help you to get to your next financial rung.

But the point is the bottom line is all about the numbers....big business, big money, big bonuses, and I am not mad or angry at them(Optum/upper-ups), I wish I was more motivated, educated to be where they are. They motivate me everyday to try harder.

Every life situation in life the hard, harder, and hardest ones are in your path to help you for the next even in your life.

Remember when God closes one door, He opens many more.

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Interesting point of view that hits close to home. For the record, I was a long-term employee that chose to leave UHG a few years ago. During my tenure, I survived yearly reorganizations and reported up to many middle managers who were clueless about the job duties and responsibilities of the employees that reported up to them. Perhaps most were too busy working on their football pool or their next golf outing – yep, saw both documents on the shared public printer available for all to see.
A Senior executive once published a global communication on the UHG intranet with an interesting quote “If you see time or resources being wasted, do something about it”. I did - not that it went anywhere. That said, I am much happier since my departure and no longer wonder if “today is the day” that I get let go for no reason as others have experienced.
Good luck.

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You are exactly the UHC kiss a– under management that I was talking about!!! Have a great life!!! Your day with UHC will come and you will know how all of us ex UHC worker feel, Mr. Troll!!!!

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If you were still getting paid hourly wages after 23 years, management did you a favor.

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