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Still Be Grateful!

Still be grateful!

I am still employed at Optum. But I do not rest in peace, the pandemic has and will continue to impact our economy for many years. The last financial crisis I experienced was in 2007. At that time, I also worked for a payer(no longer sells health insurance), who mirrored Optum. For the 2007 financial crisis, that is when healthcare really started to change, CMS just started mandating EHRs/EMRs. I was angry that my company(the payer)did not get involved in the healthcare changes to prevent all this electronic/digital changes because majority of the private providers could not afford to go electronic. One year after the financial crisis, in 2008 I was laid off due to the impact of the financial crisis, so that is why I do not rest in peace still being employed at Optum. .

Being laid off is hard, I have been there many and multiple times in my career. It is very interrupting, shocking, painful, hurtful, breaks down your confidence because you gave all your precious time, energy and love (at that time) to this company.

Be assured the valuable experience(s) and knowledge you have received from this company will pay off in two folds, maybe not at the beginning due to now it being employer market vs. employee market.

It's natural a knee jerk reaction to post negative things on a social media to help you get things off your chest. But also be mindful, when you were employed you did not harbor the negative thoughts you are posting.

I / we as a society understand your anger. But always think about what you have gained....and be Thankful!

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I’m grateful I was signed on all weekend. The manager was saying if we wanted to keep our job we need to show what we are worth. I had a long weekend of work and I guess I’ll be giving up my 3 day weekend. I don’t need a bravo or good parking but I do need my job right now.

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People keep talking about the “big one” when is this big one happening?

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Well, I did have negative thoughts while employed at Optum because my boss was a clueless hag. But fortunately, she mostly "worked" from home, so I could usually forget she existed right up until she signed me up to be laid off. I was grateful for the job while it lasted though and I wish I had my job back (if only the company could see the clueless hag for what she is but I will not hold my breath).

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Buckle up buttercup. The big one is on the way. Always be ready. Brace yourselves

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