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Nothing dirtier than a ball of oil unless you sold your soul

The masks are coming off and now everyone can see and will see who this Corporation really is, the executive team, the board, and last but not least those employees who sold their souls spreading the lie, doing the management dirty deeds, destroying any other employee who wouldn't echo your intolerance. This corporation destroyed every last employee who have actual souls; they laid them off, they quit, burned out some of the industries very best personel. This corporations executive team created a people based culture built on ignorance, arrogance, greed and fear. The amount of bullying, retaliation tactics, punishment tactics implored into the team work environments is really indescribable. These company men/people went out daily or weekly targetting other employees whom they deemed don't fully fall into line that the 'world loves oil and don't you forget it. The HR department from bottom to top oversaw that these tactics were followed thru in the name of attrition

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To the original poster. I think you must be locked up too long and have been watching too many Netflix drama series. I sincerely hope you are not in an in lock down with other humans. You are so far out of touch and are either someone who was laid off previously from cenovus and is still bitter, or is a current employee that is so entitled and spoiled that you don’t realize how lucky you are to be employed. Either way, get the help you need.

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Iv’e had the luxury of being with this company for a long time. In that time, the oil market has gone through two significant down turns with this one being the worst. One of the biggest issues i had up until this point was communication. A lot of us are scared, we have families to support while we navigate a world changing event. But one thing i noticed is that upper management has been communicating a lot better and Alex appears to have the workforce as a priority. This oil glut is temporary and when the swing up happens, which it will. They will need the good people they have to turn a profit and make this company see its potential. We’re one of the lowest cost oil sand producers and we have the capability to make it through this.

Its always bothered me how much people b–ch and moan about this place. I feel grateful for the time iv’e spent here, and considering that there are Canadians that are deciding whether to keep the lights on or feed their kids right now, a lot of us are still working. Maybe i’m incoherent, but i do believe that management is doing everything they can to keep as many people working, as they can.

I believe in this company and i honestly feel like a lot of us will stay, and things will be alright.

Take care of yourself everyone, and stay safe.

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I find the culture to be one based on Entitlement, Arrogance and greed. Not the greatest combination of traits and this is really coming out now at this time. (People protecting there fiefdoms) I mean look at the blatant 20 for 20 culture bribe. Again one based on the traits they seem to want to exemplify in their employee's. This company doesn't deserve to make it through this.

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