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Boeing will have to rip and replace KC-46 sensor and camera systems on its own dime


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On the total of 179 KC-46 Tankers,
That's $27,932,960.89 profit per tanker to break even.
That's one expensive toilet seat.
I'd say Boeing is in the cгapper on this one.

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  • After more than $5bn in losses, can KC-46A become profitable?

In late October 2020, the Boeing KC-46A Pegasus tanker program
reported a $67 million loss due to coronavirus disruptions
and production inefficiencies in the third quarter.
(Boeing Propaganda, covering their massive incompetence)
It was the latest loss in a long series of financial charges in the troubled
tanker program’s short history.
Yet, Boeing chief executive David L. Calhoun saw reasons for optimism
After consuming three pints of Boeing Blue Kool-Aid

“The tanker has been a drag on us for like three or four years
in every way you can think of with respect to investors,
but we are beginning to clear the hurdle with our customer with respect
to its performance in their fleet and then their need for that tanker,”
said Calhoun, on the company’s third-quarter earnings call in October.
“So that whole relationship, I believe, will begin to transition next year.
And as opposed to being a drag on our franchise, as it’s been,
I believe it will become a strength in our franchise.”
Wall Street Speak for I have No Idea What I’m Talking About.
This Numnut wants you to believe we will makeup $5b on 179 tankers.
14 February 2021

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Boeing prayer group strives to climb out of Pegasus money pit
It management’s only option left since they’ve realized they have no clue
What they’re doing
12th February 2021

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Boeing took a $827 million hit as cost overruns continue for the
KC-46 tanker program, the company announced Wednesday.

About $551 million of the pre-tax charge was caused by new expenses
associated with designing and integrating a new Remote Vision System
for the tanker as part of an April agreement with the Air Force.

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April 28, 2020 / 12:31 PM

  • MAX Expected To Remain Grounded

As Boeing continues to grapple with software issues

Boeing engineers blame cheap Indian software for Max problems

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The Air Force’s top military officer says he’s convinced that Boeing finally has
a solid plan to fix the flawed refueling system that has bedeviled its $44 billion
aerial refueling tanker program.

“There were some engineering design flaws”
in the original Remote Vision System for the KC-46 tanker that have
“taken us far too long to resolve,” General David Goldfein said in an interview.
“But now I’m as confident as I ever have been that we have good, solid science
and engineering behind the fix.”

Boeing agreed this month to complete a major overhaul at its cost to replace
the 3D cameras that feed a console where an airman guides a refueling boom
during the midair minuet to connect with another plane. The 33 tankers that
have already been delivered with the flawed system will need to be retrofitted.

“There are camera systems flying out there today that work,
so I have high confidence that the design has got high, high probability
of working,” Goldfein said. “It’s the design we’ve been asking for,
quite frankly, for some time.”

Flight tests with the redesigned system are projected in 2022, with the
improvements retrofitted on tankers already delivered in about July 2023,
Jamie Burgess, Boeing’s vice president and program managers for tankers,
told reporters this month.

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  • Another Boeing Boondoggle

The KC-46 tanker program has been a bewildering boondoggle.
Now the Air Force says it will be years before it is fully operational
As a host of critical design deficiencies continue to plague the program.

Testing showed that some of these issues can have adverse impacts on the
aircraft being refueled from the KC-46.
These include battering the receiving aircraft itself and sc-aping its skin with
the boom.
Although we don't know when the video below was shot or the exact situation
surrounding beyond that the aircraft shown is a test F-15E, it depicts a tense
incident in which a KC-46 boom appears to slip off the Strike Eagle's refueling
receptacle, with its control surfaces nearly banging into the fighter's canopy.

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US government clears Harpoon and Torpedo deal for India P-8Is
Two separate deals to sell India anti-ship missiles and air-launched
torpedoes for its fleet of Boeing P-8I Neptune maritime patrol aircraft.

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Boeing will send Starliner on another un-crewed test flight

As if anyone would trust Boeing with their lives

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I will say from the office side they are having us telecommute and not come in unless we coordinate it. So I can see there is a big difference between the office folks and the plant folks- very unfair! This does not scream ONE BOEING or GO FOR ZERO...

why cant they run super small shifts on the factory floor so that there are very few people in still working and rotate everyone so theyre not on top of each other? Seems do-able- those factories are huge... the union could pay out then as you rotate shifts to keep production moving and not have such a high cost of paying everyone at once for the shutdown as it seems it will be no pay after that... maybe?

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KC-46 Pegasus Not Fit to Serve

Leaking Fuel Lines Are Latest Serious and Potentially deadly Tanker Fault
This is the Fifth Category 1 finding for the KC-46 program.
The program was supposedly low-risk, based on Boeing’s touted expertise.
Boeing’s inability to deliver quality at the most basic level has drawn the ire
and dismay from customers across the aerospace spectrum.
Civil transport, NASA and the Military all have seen an inexcusable level of
Stonewalling, Deception and Incompetence from Boeing.
It is as if customers are dealing with a corrupt third world country and not
A U.S. Corporation

The Max Debacle: With its use of a single AOA sensor is displaying a complete
departure from All Standards of aircraft design. The use of software for FCC
outsourced to India at $9 an hour. The removal of documentation from flight
manuals to keep the pilots in the dark. The lying to customers (Delta, SW, AA)
As if Boeing is now a used car lot. The Fact that the engineering teams told
management Do Not Do This. The scheming, the lying to get the Max certified.
I can go on and on, there is more. No point in it, upstairs at Boeing we know.

NASA is the Customer for Boeing’s Laughable Spacecraft Program
We the taxpayers have greatly overpaid for Boeing’s stunning failures and lies
Boeing did not take the time to run basic mission simulations on the FCC or the
software, this after the Max fiasco. There’s more to that too.

With 30 years in the business
I have never seen a more Charlie Foxtrot Origination than Boeing is now.

Then there’s working people in close quarters as Covid-19 tears through
The population while Boeing tells us to work from home. That’s your Boeing
That’s your, ONE BOEING!

ID10T Poet

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