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Thomson Reuters must be in a bit of a quandary

TR must be in a bit of a quandary. The number of workers left on the floor from the last cull must be greatly reduced, exposing just how top heavy the company is with managers - all drawing large salaries. If the Covid crisis is to be used as an excuse to reduce numbers further, then they 'll have to look mainly at their own ranks to make cuts. Will they do this? Who knows. Intelligent people would conclude the last round of layoffs was a complete disaster and steer well clear of repeating that again. However, we shall see.

Perfectly stated, @1rep+14kGafTY.

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@agr+14pfGsWV You are spot on, they are running out of others to blame, these senior managers have built their careers on this and now they have to look around the room at each other. Wish I was a fly on the wall when they turn on each other and would bet that the more enterprising ones have already started throwing folks in front of the bus to save themselves. It's going to be a dark day very soon and some of these managers who didn't give any thought to exiting people for no good reason, other than they could, will hopefully get a little payback. Keep in mind, most of the transition over the past 2 years has not been due to performance, it is because they stretch the rule of "employee at will", when it is mainly due to age and salary under the premise that they are consolidating roles into a specific location (US or overseas).

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They look around the room and eventually they have to look to themselves. If that’s the case, I call that poetic justice

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