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USCAN Marketing relocation

It’s obvious that special considerations have been made for management in USCAN marketing. All of them admitted that they wouldn’t be able to make the move, but then they all changed their minds after some meetings in Chicago. It’s also clear that the Chicago-based hires being made will not be forced to abide by the ridiculous rules that we all were asked to. What’s the point of all this? These new hires are clearly more expensive.

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Obviously the sh– has hit the fan once again in GE Healthcare. The USCAN APPLICATIONS team better hold on.. your in for a bumpy ride.

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Relocations are not enough for the health of the business.
Layoff or Furlough is on its way. Doesn't matter what term they use, it's still a temporary reduction.
one way or another GE can't keep the payroll alive during covid

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I am so glad that all of USCAN is in great shape and immune to any reductions because of this Covid stuff. All the other GE businesses will be negatively effected.
But not USCAN healthcare, we are not at any risk.

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