Thread regarding Lowe's Cos. layoffs

Double the profits and zero cares given

Since the start of this pandemic Iv been

  • Told I should be grateful that Iv had a job
  • Told to stand outside and be berated and cursed at by customers because they've had to wait 5min outside in line and because they think I make the corporate policy
  • Cursed at by customer for not allowing them through the lumber entrance
  • Berate by karens for not covering my nose with the mask because I can't breathe when its hot outside and i'm running around the store
  • Managers no where to be found and don't pic of their phone....that is until corporate calls
  • Gilt tripped into working overtime because "Its an extra 2 dollars per hour" as if I need to give up my days off with my friends and family and am broke and desperate for money
  • Close by myself when my coworkers are all scheduled int he morning because Kronos can't make a proper scheduel

When I first stated under Niblock I thought it was a decent company to work for but after this Ellison mo–n took up and gutted the company I give ZERO f—s about this company. To the young people who read this Lowes is not a career it's a means to an end and work twords getting a better job because in retail they treat you as disposable trash.

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Home depot just posted earnings today. They took a hit for taking care of their employees. One needs to research how they treated their employees vs the generous benefits we received. And you will know why HD is the leader..

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Our governor said all stores had to count and limit the amount of customers, our store never did.

All entrances, including the lumber door, we're wide open. It was like black friday, everyday.

They had to replace the "wait here" signs on the floor 2x a week ftom them getting wore out from the hordes of people.

All other store in our market were using the app on the zebra counting and limiting customers.

A state cop came one day, and we were silently cheering! He met with the store manager and after 15 minutes leaves.

I'm sure the manager showed him 3.8 on Genesis which shows the number of transactions, divide that by the hours we were open, and it looks fine.

But, from 6am to 8am, you have less than you are allowed, but from 8:15am to 8:30am the contractors, or their runners pour in and for 45 mins you have more people than the first 2-1/2 hours! Same thing from 11:30am to 1pm. You can't move.

So, you watch that state cop come and go (with thicker pockets) for a few days and realize, it won't get better....

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We have two employees bringing in carts from the lot non-stop. A Karen asked “where are the carts?” I told her to wait a minute and another batch will come in from the lot. She said “I’m tired of hearing that, you’re not a doctor or nurse. Be grateful you have a job, millions of people don’t.” True, and they also are getting an extra $600/week.

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Lowe's is shining in the spotlight for now but you can bet your bottom dollar that repercussions will prevail

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Your right about the spelling, but then again grammar police don't care about the message, You want us to look elsewhere.. Tik Tok corporate, your time will come

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