Thread regarding UnitedHealth Group Inc. layoffs

Is there anyone that can help me with this.

I am wondering what is going on with the provider data services analyst or dental provider area.
Is what is recently going on affecting the dental provider department or facility out there.
Do you know of any layoffs recently.
Will there be layoffs soon if you know.
Any information would be helpful.
As I undertand that a lot of dental offices are closed so how has this affected things.
I would appreciate any information in this regard.
Thank you very much.

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To the lost another tooth person or anyone else that can answer possibly.
Are the people that process those state verification forms, like the ones they have in new york which dental places need to update yearly, and a few other states also, going to have layoffs in this department also.
I guess they are called data analysts for the dental provider area.
I know they also primarily input other updates into the system, but that is part of what they do also.
Such as additions, terminations, closings, openings, etc.
Any information long or short answer would also be appreciated. By anyone.
Thank you.

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I just want to clarify, that the positions I'm talking about are also in regard to those yearly updates that some States require you must fill out.
I forget exactly what they are called.
However, the dental offices need to update this, especially in new york state area.
Whether they are still in operation, any changes, if they are closing, etc.
Different health insurance companies deal with this.
So will these type of positions also be affected.

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The dental areas of UHG have basically dwindled to nothing. We are going to lose dental jobs like people in Mississippi lose teeth if that helps explain it. We are talking major gingivitis is going to hit this line of business. Be ready and brace yourself.

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Most likely will...but cannot guarantee that. At this point it’s best to work as many hours as you can, be that shining light so management recognizes it and hopefully keeps you around. Working longer hours and weekends may be a good place to start

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I appreciate your response to the question I asked here.
Is this also affecting the other health insurance companies that are providing dental insurance also.
I am also wondering for a person I know also who has a career in this at another place.
Thank you very much.

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Yes, huge layoffs are going to be hitting your area soon. Brace yourself. The decline in dental services is overwhelming. Most likely to arrive late June or mid July

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