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Hostile Work Environment

Hello All.
I have been with CVS for several years now and I’ve never had any major issues or disputes with anyone. Last year we got a new staff pharmacist and she’s awful. She has caused there to be a hostile work environment for everyone. I have been told that I contact the ethics line and file a report that I will be transferred out of my store. Anyone ever heard of that?

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If you complain they will retaliate. You are better off getting another job and shopping in another store don't support cvs and besides forcing customers to fill rx in their store they can lose all?business.

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In amazon type in hidden audio recorder voice activated and it will have
a lot of devices to choose from. I understand that some are expensive.
If that will help you.
Then play it to the ethics or whatever department.
You could also possibly download and send it to them.
I would take it to the corporate level if that is what it will take.
You can also connect with people on linkedin and tell them what is going on.
There is a lot of options with technology that could help you out.

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In regard to what I said below, I would look on google because I could be mistaken about what I said.
I know each state has some sort of law, hopefully in regard to what you are speaking about.

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There are different laws in each State regarding this, that you may want to check into.
If this is in california then they could be in serious trouble with new general harrasment and lgbtq laws that were instituted in 2020 and 2018 I believe. You may want to google that because I'm not sure of the specifics and when they were passed. This is completely different from the s-xual harassment and descrimination laws. What you are describing actually falls under the general harassment section.
If you are in this State then I recommend saying those particular laws when you are speaking with
the ethics hotline. If you are from another State then you need to check those laws if there are any.
The reason most people do not complain is because you are in a low paying career they think and that you have no savings to complain about them. Also in a lot of States they have retaliation laws or something like that. They are assuming you are ignorant so don't be like that. Go and prove them wrong. However I would gather evidence and write it down. Get others to back you up, if you all have that problem. If you are able to get any support, that will help you also.
Each state is different and I don't know if you are speaking about a locaton in california.
You could get a hidden recording device if this stuff you are saying is constant and spoken out loud.
I hope this helps.
Finally, this person is a fool, they could easily replace her with however many people are out of work in your State I would think. A lot of people that no longer work, will go back to that career to help out any out of work family person.
This person must be a complete mo–n I think. Although there are a lot of people not looking for stable positions. I wouldn't act that way and prefer to give notice if I leave as a temporary employee.
Is it really hostile or is it just the way the voice sounds with people in general.
Anyone sorry for the long response. I hope this did help.

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I have called the ethics line when the store manager faked a death in the family to go on vacation, they fired her.

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Lol like how i simply asked what she did and get dislikes to my comment.
Another useless topic.

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What has she done to cause a hostile work environment?

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Sounds like personality issue
Maybe you don’t like her tact or directness
I doubt it’s unethical - grow up - if u do great job I bet her attitude will change

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Common scenarios at CVS. Once your complaint is in and it trickles down to regional director they will do what they feel best for them or the politics. In other words they will not do what’s right, but rather take you out if that’s easier or the pharmacist. They will also make a decision based on wether they like the pharmacist or not.

It’s all about the pharmacy people - front store is just there for incremental sales.

They will do what benefits them and not what might be right or wrong.

Good luck :)

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They will not do anything. I was threatened by one of my team members via text. I reported it and nothing was done. Don’t waste your time or energy.

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