Thread regarding UnitedHealth Group Inc. layoffs

If you are seeking something something else then I recommend avoiding this place.

I was an account administrator at aetna and it was very bad.
This was posted in indeed and I agree with it completely.

I am including it here on this post to warn everyone that you may want
to avoid this particular location, even if there is something that fits what you are seeking.

I was there for a long time and I agree with this statement I posted below.
Here is what I cut and pasted below.

Little Pay Outdated Processes

data analyst (former employee) - woodland hills, ca
the aetna in wooland hills is a collection of employees who have been there for a long time. Meaning all processes are outdated, which means no innovation, and work is doubled. No one is open to new ideas or processes. Senior employees feel that their time with the company allows for them to be unprofessional with no consequence. Management is afraid to speak up and correct those behaviors.
this makes anyone new feel uncomfortable. The work could be less if their processes were improved. But, the environment is absolutely toxic and the pay is awful. I would not recommend working there.

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