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Never seen a company that’s dying to get back into the office

The corporate has been constantly making effort to have employees go back into the office asap. We all know once upper management goes back, lower levels are going to be pressured to be back in as well. Be responsible united! Working from home has been fine the past 2 months, theres no reason to risk employees to come into the office when lot of our work can be done at home!

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My department has been playing around with the idea of going back into the office mid-late june. Thats not set in stone and can change at any time but Im very frustrated to hear that theyve been pushing to go back into the office soon as they can. Not sure why., maybe they dont trust their workers being home during this situation, or maybe they want to have face to face meetings, but even though they will give people the “option” not sure if it will be an option when your managers will be back in the office. I hope the date gets pushed back but I can def see my department being back Into the office as soon as they can.

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In a lot of places if you can work from home then that is the rule to go by.
If you are forced to do something and that is the current rule, then you can complain to the city or state you are in I think. I'm not sure where you are located? Where is this location you are in where they are wanting you to go back? It could be something you are sensing but it that may not be the case yet. Anyway I'm just curious.

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What state are you in.
In california they would take those concerns seriously if you informed them of any health or safety risks you feel jeopardize yourself.
There is something called osha or the occupational safety and health administration which
inspects and makes sure every place is following the requirements. Each State also has it's own laws and sometimes the laws are even different in each county. If there is no one that will listen to your concern, then you have a choice to report this in whatever state there is and they can make sure if the place is safe to reopen or not yet. I'm not definitely certain, but you can look up what is allowed or not in your area.
There would also have to be possible barriers, or if not that, distancing, disinfectant, constant cleaning if not once then several times a day. The cost to ensure this if the area is still a high alert location would be a lot I would think. So this wouldn't make sense right now.
Do you know of other health insurance places wanting to do this also or just this particular place.
Unless the danger of spreading has slowed significantly or has stopped completely eventually, I don't understand how this would be possible.

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