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This is how Racism is institutionalized

JP MORGAN Chase in late March, figured their new Diversity Push would make diversity training mandatory for all employees after a New York Times report about racism at its Arizona branches
Racism is higtly embeded in JP Morgan Culture, it is like a fox guarding the henhouse, would likely to exploit the information or resources that they have been charged to protect, control and perpetrate.

The real solution would be firing these racist managers.

But we all know that would never happen here.

Be wary of the language that is used by managers and colleagues.

Terms like “they” and “us” used often to create a divide.
I know Many people that are consistenly overlooked, those who never take credit for their work.

The “glass ceiling” is a prolonged issue that ties together all my previous points, and results in many talented, ambitious and well-educated men and women failing to gain jobs, promotions or salary boosts, compared to their white counterparts.
But when the opportunities do finally arise, victims of racism note that their authority is constantly challenged and undermined by those both above and below

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HR is worthless. They are not there to help or protect employees, but to protect the company.

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If you have a claim against anyone at the company please reach out to HR, we are here to help.
Nothing is gained by blogging here.

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