Thread regarding JPMorgan Chase & Co. layoffs

J. Dimon Slam Trump's mew H1-B visa Crackdown. Why?

Adding "Immigration has contributed immensely to Jp Morgan and other financial institutions economic success.

Translation: (We love Cheap labor)

“Disappointed by today’s proclamation ,we’ll continue to stand with immigrants and work to expand opportunity for all.”

Transkation: ( We will continue in selling Anerican Jobs now and in the future).

This nation of immigrants labor has always found innovation in our technology, and hope in the enduring promise of the American Dream.

Tanslation: ( Dream? We can't find qualified prifesdionals in USA FOR MANY OF OUR Technogy JOB OPENINGS)

"There is no new prosperity without both. Deeply disappointed by this proclamation.”

Of course he is!, USA will become a failed State someday,

Thanks to people like JD.

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Unfortunately the reality of the situation is:

  • We in the US can not do the job as cheaply as those hired with an H1-B Visa (and if there are those
    willing the pool with these skills is small)
  • H1-B Visa employees are not treated very well by the organization, staff and managers. They work
    extremely long hours and weeks; managers intimidate them and talk down to them more then
    non H1=-B; staff usually follow the managers lead and do not include them in events, lunch, or
    conversation. They are not invited to be part of the Team or Unit. They are not seen as part of the
    organization. It is sad.
  • CEO to Medium Employee Salary Ratio 92:1 (lower than Citi, Morgan and Goldman) (does not take
    into consideration other compensation incentives which would increase ratio to 231:1)
  • Investors demand higher returns
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How can sub standard visa H1Bs survive? Easy. They hide out in a group. Realistically, only 20% of the people do 80% of the work

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While this sounds like great news for Americans, it's all smoke and mirrors that will have little effect on the millions of Americans laid off right now. This executive order only affects the issuance of new H1B visas until the end of the year. The year is already half over, and most of those visas have already been issued. This affects a handful of foreign workers at most. Most importantly, the 500,000+ visa holders already in the US get to stay here and keep the jobs they already took away from US workers.

And there's no reasonable expectation that big companies will even follow the new rules. They use immigration law firms such as Berry Appelman Leiden LLP in Houston to ignore the visa rules and keep H1Bs on the payroll despite job applications from more-qualified US citizens.

What's one way that big tech companies commit visa fraud? The law says that when a H1B visa comes due for renewal, a job posting for the position must be made publicly, and if a qualified American citizen applies for it, they must be hired instead of the H1B visa holder, and the visa is not renewed. Companies get around this by posting the job ads in places that are technically "public," but nowhere a real job candidate would ever find them, such as in the classifieds section of obscure industry journals like the International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction. Or, as Amazon does, in the classifieds of the printed version of the Seattle Times Sunday edition. The printed classifieds are full of job ads from Amazon and other tech companies. The catch is that to apply for them, you have to mail in a printed application to a P.O. box. Does anyone seriously believe there's a person opening envelopes and reviewing printed resumes that landed in a P.O. box like it's still 1972? Of course not. This is simply a way to make it impossible for a qualified American citizen to apply for one of these jobs already held by an H1B visa holder, because the company has no intention of giving up that visa. Or, they will instruct a manager to print out a job posting and discreetly post it on a company bulletin board in a break room, right next to the government notices about minimum wage that nobody reads.

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Unfortunately, as an American citizen cries fir H visas to be made available is falling on my deaf ears. There are plenty of Americans who are well educated to work these jobs. A poor culture has been developed to make people believe that only foreign countries have high level workers. The technology industry for one abuses the H-1 visas. Computer programmers are not specialized. A lot of young people go to school to study these careers, done stopped signing up for these programs because they list sports to H-1 programs. I say even if they restart the programs, make it do that it’s more economically beneficial for them to high citizens first. We complain about people being let go, yet foreign workers continue to hold High paying positions and we are forced out of jobs???
If in doubt check the employment ratio to US Citizens.
there are 10 Indians for eah American citizen.

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usually quick to fire staff in good times, and hire again overseas contractors.
Witnessing mass firings to be replaced by Indian Tech OPS.
and the way they conducted these interviews left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't think I'd accept any future jobs even if they offered it.
At this time I am looking for a fresh Start in a employee Oriented company.

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