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#1 asset is your employees

The problem with allowing a CFO or shareholder to run our company is all they care about is profits. They don't care who they hurt. If you look at the most profitable businesses you will see their employees are happy. Look at Publix. All their employees are happy and they make us feel wanted. So we return even if it is a little more expensive. It used to be that way at the Busch Parks. If you look at all of the past 2 years communications they never say anything about the employees. If employees aren't happy, the guests see it and they don't return. It is that simple. If the board and upper management concentrated more on us the guests would be returning. They see morale is down when they are in our parks. Since most of your current guests are locals they are the friends of furloughed employees. We don't go back our friends and their friends don't go back. No matter how many rides you build.

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Wait so my boss wasn't telling her "perceived" friends, co-workers and ex co-workers about my mental state the day of the furlough to help me? No way, had to be her caring about me not gossip! Ha! Let's be honest, morale was awful before any one man arrived. I'm sure that isn't a popular statement but it's the truth. I can't speak on others legal action but I will tell you all (for future reference) what makes lawyers very happy is to document EVERYTHING from the moment of injustice be it human, animal or both. If you think Senior leadership (in park) will suddenly stop lying, start listening and start caring about morale or animal care, you likely have not worked there long. Document. Everything.

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