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Is this what employees really face at Ford?
"I was a great employee and Ieft because ford is a zombie company dreaming of the past and delusional of their capabilities to achieve the future. Now I make 2x the money I did at ford at a supplier. Ford acts like they can do everything internally but always eventually fails and ends up buying it from a supplier due too their incompetence.

This is why ford vehicles are so expensive and they waste money on things like Mobility and ADAS. So not only are customers paying for failed R&D they are also paying for the Supplier profit margins after you buy it from them anyways.

Then the people at ford ADAS or whatever group claim the suppliers work as their own when they did nothing ford management eats it up and continues to invest in people that are clueless.

I come to this site because the ford experience was really one of a kind in the fact that you see what years of layoffs and coasting on free money as if they were a utility company like cable or energy does to the soul of a company.

Now those same people that coasted for decades think they can compete with silicon valley its actually hilarious.

If the Mach-E flops its literally over for Fords attempt at being a tech company.

Should have just stuck to making trucks and avoid investing in tech your management isn't capable of understanding.

Ford views tech as individual features and not a cohesive platform so there is no uniform user experience. This because poor engineering structure of middle management tiers like feature owners and D&R engineers who cannot easily communicate with each other. There is not a good way of knowing who does what because every group operates independently of each other and they rarely work with a cohesive vision between groups and couldnt if they wanted too.

Also they stick to old systems such as CAN network and cannot switch quickly to newer networking protocols because too much dependence on suppliers and resistance to change due too cronyism and politics.

Ford Senior management only focus on shareholder buzz words not making good products "EV" "AV". (And stock still goes down in longest bull market in history) How about just innovate and make a better car and better software and stop trying to revolutionize the world when you can't even make a good website. (Have you seen fords payment systems and shopping process)

When I gave this kind of feedback there was nobody listening because I wasn't 55 years old and hadn't "payed my dues". They held innovation events for ideas improve and it was competitions for who is the biggest id–t for every Karen and wannabe Chad in ford to play popularity contests and make political friends. Nothing actually useful or realistic was brought up.

Ford will forever just copy what they see and exist until they are slowly out maneuvered and can't compete when the industry finally shifts to something they can't just buy or meme their way forward.

Its laughable really I could go on for hours."

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