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AML/Fraud/Compliance Job Security

We were told recently that they hired a lot of people from India to do the work we’re doing. I’m thinking we will probably be let go by next year. What does everyone think?

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I have offshored hundreds of jobs for the company to the Philippines. I was always able to find the best voice quality. You would not be aware you were speaking with someone offshore.

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To: Am I embarrassed? YES

Don't bash the people who are looking for a job and security in this crazy world economy like we all are. AND I AM NOT DEFENDING THE BANK but putting it in prospective and that our anger, disappointment, and frustration should not be with them.

Blame the viscous circle.

Blame the company who is looking for cheaper help and does not care how they do it or how many cities and states they economically shake up when they exit; the politicians who use their constituents to achieve their goals and are indebted to contributors and political action committees; the investment analysts who are looking for better earnings period, and finally, customers who are constantly looking for reduced rates to achieve the same goals faced by the bank. If you talk to the large clients they really have no problem with our staff being off shore, they are benefiting from the cheaper fees.

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I’m part of the FCOI/fraud investigator group.

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We were told they would be learning all the kinds of alerts we work. I think they have been doing AML alerts for a while now. Binging down inventory has gone with layoffs in the past.

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Which specific dept are you in that they told you that? AML alerts?

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Am I embarrassed? YES

when I was hired, just like any other software engineer I did not come here to train Indian Teams, it is the objective to hire to replace?
If I were a client of JP Morgan Chase I would feel disrespected
Let’s put it this way: you send a customer’s call to an offshore call center they feel like their problem isn’t important enough to be dealt with by your company directly. the only reason Tech Ops is offshored, is to save money.

In reality Indian teams are vastly people with little to no qualifications to do what I can do.
can do that? I asked ”. I know that’s a little harsh but that’s how most of these indian teams take adventage of our teams, we do the work and TYPICALLY they take credit for it, 1andd I am sure it makes them angry.

There’s a real language problem
some usually have a rather good level of english. However rather good isn’t good enough! The last thing I want is to struggle with basic communication when they are trying to get a problem solved. A lot of US customers will now actually hang up if they hear that they are being transferred offshore or spot a foreign accent.

We are not being racists, we are just looking for competence both in language and skill.

No one wants to talk to a script
A lot of offshore call centers rely on scripted conversations to make sure their agents have the proper vocabulary and knowledge to answer customers. It it a good practice to have some sort of guidelines to start and end a conversation or deal with difficult customers but a conversation can never be entirely scripted. There is nothing more frustrating than someone giving you irrelevant scripted answers.

Don’t think that reading a script is enjoyable for the employee on the other hand of the phone either. It is unnatural and automatically builds a wall between the two people speaking. It makes employees feel like robots which results in them turning off empathy and emotions, 2 vital aspects of any conversation.

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