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HR-racist, uneducated, unconscious bias

JP Morgan HR & EDs actions breed discrimination and promote racism . I witnessed a team member that reached out to HR in concern to their direct manager and discrimination , concerns were dismissed. Employee speaks to the direct manager expresses they feel mistreated and manager is being racist and cites specific actions. Manager escalates cites discrimination and HR and ED solution is to write up agent, stating if employee has an issue they should reach out to HR.

I express my concern regarding the stressful and chaotic work environment the employee has endured and the employees right to address unresolved concerns directly with the manager if HR fail to investigate employees claim. Employee is labeled aggressive, angry, problematic, using “race” card after reacting to years of mistreatment. Employee is also number one producer in the department year over year and assigned special projects due to productivity/quality. Employee is N—rian, has a thick British accent, number one producer amongst peers and holds a law degree. .Employee is expected to produce and have no voice

This action and others have led to my resignation. I cannot continue to hear about diversity inclusion, being your authentic self, and advancing black leaders, when no real tangible action is taking place to address
employee concerns pertaining to racism in the workplace.

At the bare minimum can you stop referring to black associates as “pulling the race card”
Please and thank you!

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I talked with HR this week and they were nice and professional. They approved me for time off because of my Covid-19 infection.

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If everyone is truly getting mistreated wouldn’t everyone be speaking out against “said” mistreatment. I would not assume two groups or individuals experiencing equal mistreatment would have an opportunity to address the matter collectively and tell one another to shove it up there butts
I digress....

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Good grief. Shove your racism up your rear end and go away. No one cares about you or your hurt feelings. Got it? Ok, time to grow up now.

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Guess what, everyone get's treated poorly. Black, white, asian, chinesse, hispanic. So sick of hearing people claim that they are getting mistreated because of some group they are in. Dividing people into groups never leads to unity. Didn't work in Rawanda and wouldn't work here.

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An Union at JP? you won't last a week,lol

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How about unionizing? Or don’t you agree on fair and consistent raises and salaries across the board? Or do you want to become the future problem to colleagues and staff? Problem won’t go away 7ntil they create a fair salary system where the mana angers and leaders don’t make up to 100% more than the average worker.

I am not saying they should not be rewarded for their talents, but they shouldn’t be paid so much that they don’t understand the needs and wants o& their employee base.

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Imagine feeling mistreated and believing it is because of discrimination or for something you cannot control. Building up the courage to speak out asking for help and be met with disciplinary action. How about some educational classes and courses on how to communicate and discuss discrimination concerns, addressing why some feel like these accusations are make believe, and how individuals felt threatened by the advancing black leaders-as if anyone would be given a job in an executive role because of the color of their skin.

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Systemic Racism?
Elitist managers?
Stereotypes of people of color at JP?
yes, Yes & yes.

higher emotional tax burden for workers of color?

That why we feel ‘on guard’ at work?
and may contribute to my intention to leave,” while the preferred class assert their position by saying there is not discrimination. 
i'v seen this manager Last name Brown actively using profanity against minorities, while everyone knows about it, a friend of mine that works in a different floor notified HR , & nothing happened,
Adding to insult that “iwhite nclusive leadership” rules.

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