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Will be happy to get the news about LDU and UNREPD in Florida. We need a break from the uncertainty. With COVID 19, civil unrest and the election campaign, this is almost too much to bare.

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Yeah you definitely lose something in unrep the further you take the person from the region... there’s something comforting when the person handling the claim can say to the injured person..”oh, the accident happened here, so you went to the named hospital etc etc...

There is definitely something lost and I’m not sure why people who make these decisions don’t get that

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Hoping that someone that has insight chime in here.

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There will not be a slash of ALL unrep. However, rest assured that it is a function that will see lay offs and the assessment test.
We are going to a system where you are no longer segmented to a region or a state.
Any claims employee can and will handle claims around the country. Commercial already handles
Claims that way. You will have a large number of claims employees working out of the 4 hubs...many virtually.
However, you will no longer need claims offices and employees segmented to a state or
Market....that means consolidation and cuts.

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What do you think is going to happen? You can’t just slash all unrep... there are licensing issues.. state laws.. lots to learn about Medicare and Medicaid... I mean yeah, you can take a Medicare lrn course, but that does not give a clue to how it really works in the real world....

This is so messed up

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