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Slash and burn

By acquiring competitors Allstate is actually hurting more workers. They would love a monopoly and streamline all insurance into one massive company with Glen and Tom mindset.
With encompass, Esurance, whatever is going on now many once good paying wages are cut???
They don’t care about the workers, only profit.
If you work for Allstate now you already know how stingy and cheap Allstate is with raises and benefits that were once good. They cut anniversary rewards, coffee in some offices, work parties, slashed office budgets, give measly 1-3% raises, are the cheapest with settling claims with customers, have higher premiums..... on and on to the point of nothing for the loyal workers. On top of all that, Tom Wilson and the other top cronies make 30, 40, 50!? Million a year.

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capitalism is healthy. Crony-capitalism is not. currently in the latter. This is a cycle read up on history .

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The "Capitalism is evil" is so stupid. You realize without it, you'd be making less, covid environments (empty shelves but on a greater scale) would be constant, and you would have zero say for most everything.

Seriously, claiming old white boomers get it ridiculous. White has nothing to do with this, and the fact that you say any of this shows that you are a sniffling millennial. Read a history book, and stop being so utterly stupid.

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Quick photo another way to rip off customers

Non OEM parts
Having current workers do more with less

They know many will stay and do the work no matter how bad it gets, putting in 60 hours a week+ on an OK salary.

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This is why American style capitalism hurts the middle/working class in the end- long term.
This only benefits the old white boomers at the top.

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