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Culture - Gasping on Ventilator

Copied comments from previous posts. Is this the cultural issue at all large companies or just Ford ??

  1. The blowhards continue to rise at Ford until a bigger blowhard deflates the blowhard above him with a well placed knife in the back. The intelligent producers are silenced while the blowhards pursue fanciful and expensive projects. Strange times at the glass house. When will the grown ups show up?
  1. LOL competitive advantage. The motivated and talented college graduates all quit within their first few years. The lazy, unmotivated and entitled settle in for a lifetime of mediocrity and posturing for management. The staff bloats as four people are needed for a position that normally requires one person.
  1. I agree. Nobody works a true 40 hour week anymore. Everybody takes Fridays off. The salary employees do not care if they earn their pay/benefits. There is ZERO incentive to work more or harder or smarter. The “family” culture has turned the place into Neverland Bizarro World.
  1. Many people in these old multi national dinosaurs got into middle mgmt ranks due to inherent privilege of having right gender/ race combination. They are just floating into the system based on "relationships" and thwarting meritocracy. Eventually, Old culture will get decimated by new comers like Tesla, Google, Amazon., etc... Elon Musk does not have to count Gender/ Race ratios in leadership ranks. He promotes meritocracy and cream always rises to the top. He can do that because he himself is competent and confident. These old dying Companies are filled with mediocre, survival oriented, risk averse, fear ridden, paper pushing managers instead of mission oriented inspiring leaders. Incompetent middle managers treat their people as if they own them.. instead of trusting and inspiring them with their own passion and mission. Young smart folks will get out of this culture to do some challenging and innovative work somewhere else as soon as economy open up again. Remainder will be Mediocres who are happy to float along pushing papers
  1. 4. Zero passion among the work force, instilling that comes from within, and focused leadership, of which we have none. To call it an empowered work force is just a farce. If they want to change it, it starts with change at the top.
  1. Jeez I would be happy if my coworkers put in a 20 hour work week. They follow the lead of LL6 who states in meetings that hard work is not appreciated, you will only be appreciated for fru-fru items that do not contribute to bottom line. The LL6 works maybe 10 hours a week. The LL5 is the same all blow and no go.
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Over at the General, Mary sent out a memo letting her subjects know that they can now update their Org Chart profile, on a minute by minute basis, to specify their preferred gender pronoun or, better yet, if they prefer to be genderless. I think we have u Ford guys beat :-) ... ... oh my apologies for using the term “guys” ... I promise it won’t happen again. Just don’t report me to the Board of Inclusion.

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To the person who posted about demotivators, about 5 years ago the company with the initials G and M implemented the forced bell curve ranking which infuriated a lot of people. A Director got fed up with the dissent and told everyone in the auditorium they are “free agents” and they can leave any time they want. So yeah . same morale boosting story across the road. Management must be cloned all in the same lab everywhere.

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Remember when your parents told you to choose who you associate with as you will become the average of the people you spend time with?

Ford Company culture is a study in this. The average quality of management and employee ranks continues to decline. Instead of collecting and nourishing the outstanding employees, mediocrity is selected for.
Inevitably the outstanding employees leave, the mediocre promote and hire people less skilled and qualified than they are. Constant downward spiral of dilution of skill and talent.

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same miserable story at General Electric. Too many talkers and few doers. Incompetent executives who still get promoted and a "GE culture" which only exists in emails and slides and not real life.

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Very similar at GM. There are always mgrs who love to hear themselves talk esp. thank n front of groups and then don’t know the details - they just r good at talking. Everyone knows who really knows their stuff and who is full of it. A lot of mgrs r clueless. A lot don’t know their parts, system, mfg process, vehicle etc but somehow still get promoted. Although I don’t think there is as much double-crossing as u describe and everyone works Fridays . no one just completely skips Fridays . people leave maybe a hour or 2 early and I think mgt is cool with that . Mgt even tells us to go home sometimes. Most stay late if they have something to finish . No one really just drops their work if it’s hot . Pretty flexible.

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I believe (most?) company cultural problems began when they started treating their employees as expendable cattle and no longer as assets. Yes, employees are an expense but you can't be a billion dollar company without them.

Below are a handful of demotivators I have seen at various companies that absolutely k–led morale. Some or all that may exist at Ford. (I was SRD'd from Ford in May 2019.)

  • Bad leadership that doesn't listen to their employees. Good ideas come from ALL corporate levels.
  • Blanket pay raises for everyone that cost of living increases don't even cover. You make less each progressive year.
  • Burn and churn, aka forced rankings, aka the Hunger Games method for evaluations and promotions.
  • Higher expectations with longer hours and fewer rewards. Do more with less philosophy.
  • Lack of apathy from leadership. Not listening. They have forgotten 'where they came from.'
  • Not celebrating successes while focusing on the failures.
  • Frequent organizational restructuring. This shows the company is rudderless.
  • A fake culture that doesn't exist.
  • Favortism and/or nepotism.
  • Ageism. Seeing coworkers give 30+ years to a company and then being kicked to the curb.
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Maybe it is true for all old large bureaucratic companies who have refused to adapt and change. I can think of a few such large companies. Interestingly enough each of them are struggling to survive.

It certainly is not true for all large companies. I have worked for some well run large companies who operate on meritocracy and actively prune the gasbags, slimeballs, and aholes from their staff before they infect the entire company.

Ford has a interesting company culture. Interesting in this case is not a good thing. When we were in the office our hallways had a Ford Culture poster every six feet or so. That alone should tell any visitor that the Culture has problems at the company. Most companies I have worked for have one Culture/Values poster per building.

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