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I worked for Humana for over ten years. During that time I made daily rounds to remove tp rolls from as many rest rooms as possible. This routine was not necessarily in my job description. Luckily I carried a large and billowy purse in order to perform this service. Does anyone remember the endless search for tp? Even when the roll bins were locked - I managed to find a master key to unlock them and carry out my mission. It was me! Such endless fun! Thoughtful as ever, occasionally, I would stash plastic wrapped fake brains in our break room freezer in an effort to help out my fellow co-workers who had forgotten theirs. I was always willing to lend a helping hand. Before I was ungratefully booted out the door by Humana I did my level best to encourage all my co-workers to follow my example and invest in the stock market. From 2005 onward I spoon fed financial info to my colleagues. No one noticed. This is just my way of saying thanks and a big shout out to all my Humana 'friends' that were left behind. I hope you continue to drudge on in your roles. I'm praying for your success. I hope there are no hard feelings about the law suit for unfair dismissal. I did have more fun suing you than I would ever have had at a retirement party. While , dear friends, I'm unable to offer you brains or stock tips any longer, I can tell you that I am a multi millionaire today. Truly I cannot believe my own good fortune but glad that I trusted my instincts. Thank you Humana for giving me the seed money towards financial independence. Hope there is no hard feelings about the tp. (lol)

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gold and apple. took me 15 years to reach millionaire status. true story. I bit my lip, kept my head down and collected my Humana pay check. anything left over went into apple. i bought no luxury items . I opened an etrade account for seven dollars. no fancy personal financial advisor needed. i cashed in my Humana Schwab account and put it into Apple. Sold our home and put the profit into Apple. Sat back and waited. Important not to panic sell if the stock begins to decline. At the end of the day, Its been more fun than bank robbery! I suspect that there is still more money to be made on Apple - perhaps another stock split coming Its a very big risk not for everyone. However, I had one of the less glamorous Humana jobs and needed a way out. Also, I did not have a fancy degree to market and was more or less considered the Humana village id–t.

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Post any stock tips here I welcome them...

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