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How difficult is it to be fair and equal?

I find it so silly how managers expect us to give them perfect scores yet, managers, give inaccurate scores for their employees. Example: you have an exceptional worker, but that exceptional worker gets 2s and 3s while poor quality workers who are on the good side of management get all 5s. This also applied to promotions. Ill fit employees are promoted to positions based on favoritism and those poor managers ride off the success and exceptional work of the good employees who are getting 2 and 3s....can't believe this double standard.

UHC if you are reading this, please keep a close eye on managers. How difficult is it to be fair and equal? If that does not come naturally and it has to be forced, how are these managers when they lack even the most basics.

Perfectly stated, @5wae+154Ndvgy!

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A simple data analytics system based just on performance would solve this problem quickly.

I would look into who would be in a position to institute this or let them know if you are serious
about it.

They may or may not go for your suggestion.

Since it is a computer system if would have no favoritism involved.

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Please put your comments from the survey in Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Twitter, and all other social media as you are walked out the door for being honest. Remember your constitutional rights on freedom of speech as you sign that severance package. Karma

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Thank you all for working the extra hours and weekends. Remember, the surveys are for your benefit. Thank you for being honest.

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I couldn’t have said it any better! UHG really should be “managing the manager” ! The managers load their calendars up with meetings, log into the employees computers via virtual machine and never actually do any work to benefit the company. Poor culture.

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