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What are the chances these employees even get called back? You see announcement after announcement yet nothing in regards to this. Many of these who have been furloughed play key roles in the business. Now that work is falling so far behind as many are so short handed they can’t begin to think of touching it . It’s just mind boggling as most things have started back up, yet we overwork the ones still working when we have people who would love to get back to the grind. Unfortunately nothing seems right about anything anymore here .

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Change Healthcare laid off hundreds of employees, and they have filed unemployment. Yet, change healthcare filed for covid 19 stimulus bailout monies; and have not called back laid off employees, now that they have 61 posted job opportunities listed.

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Change Healthcare is probably doing it because due to the covid it does not raise their insurance rates. They can furlough people for 90 days and since many people get more in UE than they got paid in salary, they are basically getting a paid vacation. They wont complain too much and will come back in 90 days. Meanwhile their workers salaries are paid for by the American taxpayer.

It's basically just a wealth transfer from taxpayers to Change Healthcare. They wouldn't be able to do this under normal circumstances - people on furlough would just get another job. It's just CHC taking full advantage of the situation.

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