Thread regarding JPMorgan Chase & Co. layoffs

Changes in compliance/CCOR

Rumors circulated of changes or potentially cuts in Compliance/CCOR. Anyone have any info on which department or sites that may be affected, if any?


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To the white college graduate, and work in Compliance Tampa, FL.

Shame on you. If you really see these things, say something. Don't be another one afraid of losing your job or being out of favor with your manager.

I was a white manager who always politely fought for my people. Maybe it was because of my worth to the organization that allowed them to listen to me. Maybe I had great managers, I don't know but I always argued for the best of my staff, what ever ethnicity or color. I do know this though, a white non US manager cut me one year later and an non white managers stood up to help me and hired me. Yes some take revenge, but you need to take a stand in an organization to make the change.

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Many managers keep their jobs because it’s easier for them to look the other way and pretend everything is fine than to tackle the “discriminatory problem.”
why? I do not see a diverse group of people in our entire floor.

If managers wanted to find out how HR have to insert itself in the workings of the Compliance department. They probably have to step out of their comfort zone.
Isn't this a requirement at JP Morgan?

Of course, denial

  • same state of denial that many senior leaders occupy their busy, busy schedule, when they don’t like what reality tells them, they pretend they didn’t hear it or pretend it doesn’t matter.

They shut themselves off from the real world and ignore or deny any new information that doesn’t suit them.

One day reality may intrude on the " invented reality". Mother Nature has a way of making her point. It could be a discrimination charge or a lawsuit filed by a current or former employee, lots managers witnessed daily discriminatory events against a certain group of people, yet had said, or done nothing.
It could be a mass exodus of talent that causes customers to bolt, or even a health crisis for the many or someone else.

Fearful managers here are typically focused on two things:

  1. Is my job secure? and
  1. Are the supervisors under them meeting their numeric goals?

When a terrible manager hits their goals, fearful managers like will block out any other kind of information.

I am white college graduate, and work in Compliance Tampa, FL.

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I love how you looped in all of Compliance when it’s such a large group. Sounds like instead of providing the OP info, you’d rather be salty. What is it? Mad because your hourly And low paid?? Got in trouble for something? Denied after applying several times? Lol

Don’t post if you add no value to OP

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FIRE The whole cesspool of corruption in compliance. KARMA

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