Thread regarding SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. layoffs

Are we returning to work?

Some will, some won't.

What do we know?
The parks furloughed more than 90% of its labor force due to the pandemic.
Furloughs can last up to 12 months.
The parks had millions in expenses while the parks were closed - even closed, there are bills to pay.
Open 6/5 - APT (as I understand it)
Open 6/11 - SWF, APO, DCO, BGT, AIT
Open 6/19 - SWT
Open July - SWC/APC

  • not sure about SPL, BGW or WCW
    Guests will be required to have date specific reservations to attend
    Park operating schedules are lower with some closure dates ( SWF is closed Tues/Thurs)
    Parks will NOT open with the usual attendance - likely 25-40% of normal attendance - maybe less?
    It will most likely take more than 18 months for things to "get back to normal"
    Fewer employees working more hours is better then many employees getting few hours.
    (Would you rather get 40 hrs/week or you and 4 of your friends getting 8 hrs/week each?)

If you are holding your breath thinking you're returning to work next week you're delusional. A lot of us will not be returning any time soon... if at all. Theme parks ramp up staffing as business warrants. The business we knew no longer exists.

Examples are
Tickets sales - reservation based - mostly online
Gift shops - Less paid guests = less sells = less hours / carts closed
Culinary - lower attendance means less need for carts - guests pushed to restaurants

We all know and "loved" the BAT team. I would expect the parks to do even more to combine work duties, eliminate positions and find savings wherever possible for the company to survive.

I'm a long time employee, but I foresee my work group to be delayed months... if not dissolved because there's no immediate need. S—s for us. I remain hopeful, but I am realistic. I'm updating my resume, LinkedIn, etc.

I have control of my future.

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Did everyone who received a return to work email/call actually return to work? How long from completing the "assessment" and saying you were able to return to work did you actually get "rehired" and scheduled for a shift?

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The Commonwealth of Virginia will not allow BGW or WCW open until Phase III of the reopening plan. Unknown when that may be, but expect the parks to take 30 to 45 days to reopen once Phase III start date is announced.

The Leadership has developed a plan, but the specifics continue to be closely guarded secrets.

At this point, you have to wonder what the drop dead decision date is to open or cancel the WCW season. BGW will open at some point, probably for Bier Fest and most certainly for Howl-O-Scream and Christmas Town.

The challenge will be staffing. The longer we're closed, the greater chance our talented team members will find other employment. And after the way SEA handled the furloughs, leaving Ambassadors in a difficult situation, and the granting of bonuses to senior executives...there is still a great deal of resentment.

I expect the work place shall be very challenging for supervisors; trying to balance standards vs. labor requirements. HR will still fight the same battle; find talented persons to accept low wages. And we will lose those seasonal/part-time employees who realize they won't meet the requirements to maintain any vacation and insurance benefits for next year.

So here is to opening sooner rather than later. No matter your choice, to return or find fame and fortune else where - I wish you good luck and much success.

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