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Whoever runs this site

Apparently who ever runs this site wants to control the narrative, I’ve seen a lot of comments removed that weren’t inflammatory or political but encouraging to the lower level employees to come together. So it would seem to me they want us not to unite and STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE but to separate and divide which is the same as the orange agent in the Oval Office.

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Site is administered, mods nuke posts for:

  • over excessive use of foul language
  • personal insults and derogatory language (towards groups or individuals)
  • use of real names (except for naming already public figures)
  • bullying, trolling and spamming
  • direct advertising and asking for votes of any kind (political, union, stock votes)
  • off topics like discussing politics and religion

If they find your posts being malicious, they nuke everything you ever written and block your IP (which tou can always change).

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Very true.... I’ve always found deez nutz posts hard hitting and insightful... I’ll see them one day and then they’re removed the next. Crazy how management has so influence over this site...

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Thanks for the Adult that replied with a more serious outlook on the situation. The children that work for this company is one of the reasons we will never be able to come together.

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Union is still a dirty word in America. 30 years of corporate propaganda has the proletariat really drinking the cool aid. It's going to have to get a lot worse in this country before workers wake up, and by then it'll be too late.

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