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NS Management Read this Board?

If you did you would realize how fkced your company was. Not that you care, we all know its all about executive compensation. But just so you realize, your workers hate your guts and would roast your children on a spit if given chance . Keep living... —  read more 

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We are done for

We got timrd in our work but the times were bogas. Thers no way we could consistently keep these times to complete our work. They had us running around like chickens with our heads cut off. How can you people possibly keep up with these times on a... —  read more 

Old Roanoke Locomotive

To reopen in December under a new name doing the things . I cannot say who or what but it'll be a small operation and hand picked employees . Non union

End of may any pay?

Curious if anybody received the cares act retroactive 1200 biweekly? I have not and am just wondering if anybody did

Greedy unions

NS just posted the check for the last week of work for the RLS employees that took the severance and guees who took there cut the greedy a– unions for doing not a dam thing. Union dues are comeing out no matter what.

JLS Saftey Meal

JLS is having there saftey meal catered by Texas Roadhouse !!! Did the shareholders approve of this ???

Extra $600

has anybody on railroad unemployment received their extra $600 per week? if so, was it retroactive?

RLS is hiding the Covid

They don't even have the decency to let the last of the men let go to a notice of exposure. Unacceptable

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The Demon Company

NS- Not Smart Railroad. Run by Devils and Moneymen, they care less about worker than the money the worker generate. Rip off customers, dictate terms to customers, lay off in a jobless market when they can afford to keep people’s all in... —  read more 

SCX called back

SCX Loco called back a few furloghed Electricians for furlough relief. I heard they tried to get 4, I only know of 2 right now. A few declined to come back.

Yard Closures and transitions

Bellevue yard will be closed, used for storage Birmingham yard will close hump and flat switch Macon yard will close hump and flat switch Linwood already closed Atlanta will start humping freight only humps that will remain open are Elkhardt... —  read more 

Future of PA shops

Any rumors of the future of enola diesel? Future of conway? Seems to be all quiet now

Unemployment bonus

Has anybody received their additional $600 from railroad unemployment? I can't get through to anyone at RRB to get answers. Seems like we are the only ones who haven't received it yet. I am hoping they pay us the backpay owed as well.

Scumbag NS

Cutting everything and making people chase work.....I was holding a job for 3 years now 6 away from bottom of an extraboard....probably going to get furloughed. Hey Board members- are you going to take a pay cut? Probably not! And funny how just... —  read more 

early bird

Whatever happened to early quits? When I started on the railroad it was taken for granted that when the work was done you could go home, especially on your Friday.

Bellevue hump closing?

Rumor is Bellevue hump is shutting down in 3 weeks and changing to flat switching everything. Anyone hear the same ?

Getting laid off

I worked at JLS for 5 years and got laid off last May. I took the job working on the tracks and now I'm finding myself along with others that are going to be furloughed once again this coming week. The big bosses came to the gangs saying were going... —  read more 

To all employees on this site

80% of people on this site seem to have a 4th grade education. If you want to be taken seriously, use proper grammer. Most of you can't spell and or use proper grammar. You people are the dumb ones, not the rich stockholders making millions. If you... —  read more 

Set the record straigt

The only reason why NORFOLK SOUTHERN is acting like they promote social distance and cleanliness is because when all this comes out in the wash , they don't want to get sued.

Unions of yesterday

The ukions of yesterday had one thing only that we don't have now , People that would question what the company was pushing.

Roanoke Material Yard

I heard Roanoke Material Yard has furloughed some employees. Anyone have any info regards to how many, and how many are still working at this location? I know recently some employees voluntarily left to join a Track/ Maintenance Way gang to avoid... —  read more 


I think that its time to get rid of any ideas of seniority. I have seen younger guys that did a great job get put on the street simply because they didn't have quite as much time as other guys. The guys who kept their job might have been here for... —  read more 

Right to work

When will you people just wake up and realize that right to work should be a national thing, and not state by state. If you don't want to join the union you should have a right to just say no. Its just common sense .I don't see what all the fuss is... —  read more 

We lose ether way

It dosnt matter what party you vote for. If its republican than they bow to big business , and if its democrat they want to pick your pocket in the name of wealth distribution. If you go out and make a halfway decent paycheck you have a target on... —  read more 


Why are RLS employees working at SCX while hundreds of SCX employees are furloughed?? Why are they not collecting unemployment regardless of reason like everyone else while waiting to transfer to JLS ? I get the RLS guys have been s**t on and mean... —  read more 


Will scx be calling back furloughed workers since Linwood shutdown and they will be absorbing there work?

Kidd machine works carries on the power for NS

Power assemblies, pistons ,rods and ect will be remanufactured in good ole Elliston VA by FORMER RLS employees . Machinists and a pipefitter have joined forces and money to successfully be awarded the contract of providing power


If you know that the furlough is coming,fall down!! They don’t care about you and you’re not getting called back! Take it from a 41 year employee who was never injured.


Heard a rumor today that a few guys in T&E juniata are getting the cut. Hammers coming down. Watch out if you have less than 15 in service. Pirty shure I no who it is.

Now is not the time

I watched the video with our C.E.O. and was truly impressed. He seems to have a good handle on the company operations. I think he has our best interests in mind. Right now during this pandemic is the time to pull together for the good of company and... —  read more 

Linwood yard

85 workers lost jobs at Linwood. Last day is May 12. To be one of 2 F&O left requires over 30 years seniority.

RR Unemployment bonus

Has anybody collecting RR unemployment received their extra $600 yet?? I tried contacting RRB and they're of course closed til further notice. I've heard that when they re-open that they will pay retro for as many weeks as the owed you the extra 600... —  read more 

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