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We did not get to attend ours but read what was said from SCX one: As many of you are aware, Norfolk Southern had a Town Hall meeting yesterday in Roanoke, VA. This was Norfolk Southern’s tenth out of eighteen scheduled Town Hall meetings and was the... read more

International Unions Asleep at the Wheel

Norfolk Southern Management at the Juniata shops are throwing all code 3 work out and outsourcing component shops=layoffs?? This goes against the contract language. If class 1 railroad Union's don't give us the representation we bargained for and... read more

Bellevue locomotive to be idled

Talks and chatter going on here in the south about how Bellevue locomotive will have its work cut up and sent to various other shops. Rumor is the company will announce this to them in a meeting and offer relocation. Remember this is rumor!

Nationwide 2 man crew petition link

If you care about your job sign this petition and share it! The carrier is getting everything in their favor. WE MUST FIGHT BACK!


To cut off 55% machinist and 15% pipefitters June 27th .

Wreck shop closing

Confirmed the wreck shop at jls will shut down at the end of June. Roughly 40 people working there now will be displaced

Paint Shop at JLS to be downsized

In an effort to downsize an yet still get the most production the JLS paint shop will be made 2nd and 3rd shift only. Word is first shift complains too much and gets too little done spending their day tattling on fellow union members instead of... read more
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What could be up for closure next after SCX?

Think that this is a valid question? I don't that any logic could be applied, given that there is little logic in any of this, so I ask this question in the hope that somebody heard something on this matter. If there is any info floating around that... read more

SCX closing confirmed

I just received confirmation from my intel in Atlanta that SCX will be closing August 1st and ceasing 95% of all operations. Norfolk Southern will continue to keep 2 fireman oilers and 2 machinist staffed for fuel pad operations 5 days a week during... read more

NS closing SCX

I just received a picture of the tentative draft for our posting board from our district chairman. And I quote “Effective date Aug 1. 2019 the Schafer’s crossing location will cease all operations. Including all agreement and non agreement... read more

Jls losing more jobs

The rumor of no more layoffs couldn't be farther from the truth. The presidential units are to be moved down south and traction motor shop going to thin down due to ac motors and outsourcing motors. 60 to 70 jobs unfortunately will be lost within the... read more

JLS layoffs

2nd shift wreck shop shut down and moved to take place of the 50 layoffs... insourcing to follow... rumor has it no more layoffs let's hope for the best

Making up lies and scaring people isn't funny!!!

There are people working who are stressed out every single day not knowing if and when they might be layed off or let go. Anyone who finds fun in making up false news to scare these people are nothing but a bunch of childish jerks!!! How are you... read more

When will this be finally over?

When will we know for sure that everything they wanted closed is closed and everybody they wanted gone has been notified? This has been dragged out unnecessarily - the only thing they achieved by not telling us outright is creating a stressed out... read more

Increasing Productivity - Senior General Foreman

Just cutting half of the senior general foreman would likely increase productivity by 150 percent. They spend more time chasing rules and making names for themselves than actually learning what people do, and helping the process. I'd be willing to... read more

Boilermakers to be Phased Out

With only around 600 Boilermakers across all class 1 railroads the decision is in the works to disband them and divide their work amongst the other crafts in locations they are utilized still. The details on the matter are still being hammered out... read more

JLS composite mechanic

Just heard from a senior general out of his morning meeting that the Carmen and Boilermakers were combining and becoming composite mechanics with further reductions. Contact your unions!

Any reliable info on closing yard and shops?

In light of the rumors that I se on this page, I would like to ask if anyone has any reliable info on that, or is it just more hear-say like in the threads below? Does anyone have anything coming from a reliable source, and if so please post?

call it what it is

Layoffs , PSR , Top 21 , blah blah blah blah bottom line rich people want more and more and more and more til there is nothing left then sell it off move on to the next one . Ya tired of winning yet ask those affected if the economy is booming (... read more

This is how Norfolk Southern honors Veterans!!!

They told us there would be more layoffs in July....Then not even 16 hours later they lay a bunch of good people off just before Memorial day weekend....Norfolk Southern has a lot of Veterans working for them and this is how they honor them just... read more

JLS insourcing gone

Memo went out today from our general office building saying all insourcing will be ended by the end of the month. And the truck shoe will all so end to.
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Don't ever believe NS is a family oriented company

A long time ago, a corrupt member of management got into a heated disagreement with me about "shop stuff", and during the course of the argument I asked "Don't the employees matter? I mean we are people too". And that person's response was "you guys... read more


31 from Bellevue. 7 student electrians 10 machinist and 14 fireman and oilers

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