Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.


Imagine if agreement cuts could be made by agreement employees voting for the biggest loads of their craft monthly for a year. Sadly the “workers” would get voted out. That’s the problem and always will be for the minority of union employees that... — read more 

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What happened to all the money they were going to make after starting P.S.R. there stock has turned to penny stocks and they get sued all the time. All I can do is laugh at these greedy clowns. They are just reeping what they have sown. ah ha ha... — read more 

Called back

I just got a call back after almost 4 years, but I have a good job currently that I don’t want to leave. If I went back to NS for 1 day would I still be able to get the 4 new sick days and the extra personal day paid out? I have PTO at current job... — read more 

East End Shop

I read in the Roanoke Times that Genesis Rail has leased a portion of the shops. "The complex east of downtown Roanoke houses Genesis Rail Services. Not a railroad itself, Genesis maintains and builds track, manages derailments and handles heavy... — read more 

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Forced over time

How is the company getting away with forcing carman to work 16 hours sometimes 5 days In a row? Then getting on the news and talking about how they are doing every thing they can to run trains safely. Try inspecting a train on your fifth forced... — read more 

How much is enough?

One month in Ohio two derailments and an employee/brother lost his life …Im tired of this … Corporate Greed is Evil . NS nuked a town , narrowly avoided a second instance and now a conductor has lost his life . Jesus Christ please hold these... — read more 

The carman

Carman have been layed off in ever increasing amounts as of late. If they had enough carman, the derailment in palistine oh. would have never happened. Let this be a lesson that car kn-----s are the backbone of the railroad.......Period

What raise?

T&E here…With the “raise” and increase in our cost for health insurance, I’m making less now if I have to claim guarantee than I was before the “raise.” Pretty much what we all knew would happen.

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