Norfolk Southern Corp. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.

Oil levels

Are there any other locations where the supervisors are telling you to let the locomotives go if it just needs 50 gallons of oil or less ? I don't recall learning this in McDonough Ga training center.

It’s NSane !!!!

I don’t know about your locations, but where I’m at, the bosses are on edge, worried to death. Mechanical hourly folks quitting after 15 years of service, and all the old heads are going out on medical on their own accord, just to get away from the... —  read more 

Comm Dept.

Communications dept getting all microwave radio work which was being performed by contractors. So contractors are being laid off.

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Carman Conway pa

Worked at Conway for 26 years and I was a supervisor my mom was in grave condition they came to me and said you have to move to Kentucky I explained my mom’s situation they didn’t care 2 weeks later my mother passed so what does that tell you about... —  read more 


How many locations get to watch Football all day long at work on Saturdays and Sundays. Our management is telling us it's about to quit wow the nerve of them. I knew we should of kept the management out of our football pool.


When conrail had Conway yard it was the best job ever all NS knows is where can we ship your coal and fire and layoffs so the upper management can get there big bonus

Secretary of Energy Visit

So the Secretary of Energy is going to pay a visit to Norfolks lamberst Point on Monday Oct 12th. For What coal is dead . Mines are being shut down and miners are out of jobs. Railroad is getting rid of anybody they can because they are the... —  read more 

Did Macon get hit?

Heard a rumor that Macon got Hit yesterday. Is there any truth to the fact that they already started transferring equipment to Atlanta in anticipation for the shutdown?

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Just soakin it dry

I have alotta doe in the N.S. stock. Everytime they announce layoffs , my stock goes up . Why just a week ago I made over 4 thousand dollars in 3 days. All I can say is , keep gettin rid of these stupid kids. Im laughing all the way to the bank. ... —  read more 

NS: Corporate Mafia

Much like "La Cosa Nostra", customers must pay "protection" in order to ensure cars are delivered and even then extortion on demurrage occurs as well as fuel surcharges. The "Caporegimes" at the top lord over their departments while dipping in to... —  read more 

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