Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.

Judgement day has arrived

With the main competition now days away from reporting their usual better than ever results, there must be a frenzied panic at the top at ns as they run the numbers every way possible to be close to meeting the long-awaited expectations. Remember:... —  read more 

Enough is Enough

It's time all new contracts for all crafts contain "No Forced Overtime" They've created this mess by laying off thousands of employees and now they are forcing overtime because work is not being done fast enough for them. All overtime should be 100%... —  read more 

Where’s the FRA?

Lots and lots of FRA items being signed off by shops because of lack of manpower! Bosses are doing the work of 20 men from inside the office. No wonder there’s so many derailments. A LCDI is easy on the computer.

Bellevue locomotive shop

Powers said JASON is going to subcontract the work out to save his job. No wonder NS is falling apart overpaid management running scared and trying to hack everyone else to save themselves. That's why powers left before the layoff.

2021 ???

Let see what the greedy denizens of the deep have in store for us this year. Please oh please don’t try and use reason for what they do it’s only for a select entitled few. OHHH !!!!!! Cindy Lou Who what shall you do ???????

Relationship Counseling

Since being laid off by this fine company I've come to realize it was a toxic relationship all along. I've never worked for a place before where they tell you "Just be glad you have a job"... and that's coming from the "Union". Better days are... —  read more 

Going away

At scx, machinist have been told they're losing jobs they have been doing for years and they're going to be done by electricians starting today. This after just losing 6 machinist to furlough. Looks like they're setting up to get rid of more in 2021. —  read more 

Chicago rail

So they say furloughed ok in that perspective, hold on let me tell you all what my experience is I have worked beside excellent management team that knew what was going on so I joined a team that later down the road 2years later they have no clue,so... —  read more 

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