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Why does this website keep removing comments?

People say stuff on here all the time and it is pulled down immediately. What gives? One of the comments was saying how much a department was going to miss their division manager and it was pulled down. Well if that was deemed offensive, this site... —  read more 

We done for

No phones!!!!

I used to love catching my supervisor in cleveland play video games on his Phone while sitting on his lazy a$$ in an office he doesn’t deserve in a job he didn’t earn.. you’d walk in his office and he would scramble and fumble around to hide what he... —  read more 

NS Safety is no longer

Here at SCX Loco today, we observed Roanoke City Police hanging around the Main Line performing a search. We then witnessed NS Police swarming the yard in their black Dodge Durango's and White SUV's. We as Mechanical employees had no idea what was... —  read more 

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Anybody know?

Anybody know why the CEO has company paid chefs? Why so many cuts to boots on the ground employees when you have company paid chefs. Not chefs you pay for out of your $12 million a year compensation package. NS paid. Very different worlds we live in... —  read more 

Extraboard Chaos

The board is always empty. There are 6 unfilled spots From furloughs that won’t come back. id–ts keep stepping up to be engineers and depleting CO board because they won’t make EN board big enough. Pools dropping constantly. Getting called off rest... —  read more 

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Goode building chaos

We are hearing up in Altoona that Squires and Ferrell were caught g–ing each other in a closet in the Goode building in Atlanta. The specifics are unknown but all we hear is it was frightening for the cleaning lady and messes were made in the floor.

Furloughed Employees Returning

It’s pretty much a disaster. Everyone is wise to NS playbook, the furloughed guys aren’t coming back. Supposedly in Toledo only 3 of 90 came back the grapevine says. Care to share your stories about your areas? No one wants to come back only to be... —  read more 

What’s going on in Bellevue

Does anybody know what’s going on in Bellevue? I heard they shut the hump down and are flat switching, then they go back to humping and keep going back and forth. Are they shutting the hump down?

Family what a joke

I got hired on everyone told me how the crafts were like family. Turns out not to be true. The back stabbing is something else. You show up every day. Work hard and put in some time. Make some freinds who tell you they got your back. But soon you... —  read more 


How are the RLS boys doing up in Altoona?

Common sense

I was told years ago, that the railroad has never used common sense or good judgment. An old general foreman told me that. I couldn’t figure out why when we were having a high up official visiting our shop, we would trash new parts instead of... —  read more 

Some people and their Fantasies about job cuts...

I have heard some here mention to stay marked up no matter what because you need to make money now before they cut you. How exactly are they going to cut more T&E jobs?! They are short on ppl now, if they cut any more they won’t be able to run more... —  read more 

4th of July.....

Local Union told us that a doctors is now needed with a Sick mark off, no exceptions. They encourage fellow employees to rat each other out on FMLA abuse with a email notice. NS running the company to extinction by not bringing furloughs back. 4th is... —  read more 

Recall Rights?

Does anybody know the right answer on this: When on furlough, how long do you have recall rights? My union must be too busy to return my phonecalls so I figured I'd ask on here. I've heard it depends on your craft and how long you have been employed... —  read more 

called back

Just called back from being furloughed in october of last year...debating on coming back or not...probably furloughed again in the near future...


It's AMAZING how supervisors down there Chattanooga never have to relocate.... I hear shops are short handed but Chattanooga is the safe place... Clueless supervision hunting down employees all because they don't know how to railroad.. #clowns

Buy buy Bellevue


Why can't we in mechanical just come to work and do a day's work without being harassed, threatened, and made to feel worthless all the time? Is it like this everywhere or just at my location?

Our union s**k

Its time to give our unions the boot. We all need to form one union for all crafts . We would have more bargaining power. Our unions are in the back pocket of squire and his cronies. This is the only way to solve this. We can still have divisions... —  read more 

Hiring in Columbia

Why are they hiring in Columbia if there are layoffs and furloughs? Is it to good to be true? Are they hiring people just to fire them?


My buddy just got fired because he blew hot. He thinks he can go threw a program and go back to work but it will take six months. Is this true or is he confused.

People of Altoona

I have real intel for you . 2 RLS men one mach one smw we offered and accepeted starting this monday 2 jobs as local Roanoke conductors . Where ever these men would have landed on your roster is a good indication of where NS is going to cut past

Whoever runs this site

Apparently who ever runs this site wants to control the narrative, I’ve seen a lot of comments removed that weren’t inflammatory or political but encouraging to the lower level employees to come together. So it would seem to me they want us not to... —  read more 

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