Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.

Retaining good employees

They think only short term and therefore do not try to retain good, quality employees. Instead they are more focused on hiring new people. Yes, I think the reason for that is precisely that none of them at the top think long term. However, it... —  read more 

Norfolk Coal Pier

The Assistant DMMO Fandale in Norfolk keeps running people off with his heavy handed discipline and his less than employee friendly policies. Until someone corrects his treatment of employees more will quit or be fired .

I would never go back

Who are these people who would return to the National Assembly after it was made clear to them that this company does not value them in the least? Someone really needs to be very desperate to come back here.

Keep in mind...

If we ever enter SHTF all failroads have a continuity of business plan to keep and retrieve employees... so don't answer the door when they come ... this is your only warning .


Chairman Martin Oberman questioned Class I executives about the ongoing service crisis on America’s freight railroads during a two two-day hearing in Washington D.C. Execs Respond to Criticism As Rail Service Hearing Continues By Justin Franz... —  read more 

Just called back

I've been furloughed for 2.5 years. Just got called back as a carman. I know what everyone says about NS but I'm going back. I'm tired of working hard for less money. Weekends and first shift aren't what they're cracked up to be. I haven't even been... —  read more 

Food for thought

When I got my job with NS I thought I struck gold. Only to realize my weekends and social life as an 19 would be taken from me just like that. I stuck to the plan kept on working on. I worked with some of the best guys and women. With very bright... —  read more 

Money $$$$

Looking to apply but have friend who is engineer and gets things for being financially needy but others talking about how much money they make. Wich is it?


STB has a meeting next week discussing the failures of all Class 1 railroads in their handling of the supply chain issues. The STB is concerned about how PSR has gutted the railroads ability to handle the daily operations of the business let alone... —  read more 

Layoff targets

I was hired a few months ago. Does that mean I can feel safe, or can I still be a target even though I only recently got a job? Some tell me that NS will not cut those who have recently been hired, but others tell me that it would not be unusual... —  read more 

Wabtec getting locomotive work

I'm not familiar with how locomotive work is done, but is this "modernization" work that Wabtec is getting legal under the contract.

Referral ??

Just got an email about referrals and cash incentive. Basically a few years ago I did refer people to your company but guess what … YOU LAID THEM OFF… so they quit hahaha treat people fair and get rid of the id--ts who make these calls like Jason... —  read more 

Juniata Callbacks

Don't get too excited, they are only calling back what has quit or retired in the last 6-8 months. This will be the new normal. The company is he-l bent on the operating ratio, and they are still above 60%.

NS hiring

They need to bring back locations for potential hires to come and test and be free to ask questions, instead you now have to have a webcam and do it virtually. It's lazy and furthermore separates the face to face meeting experience. I wanted to... —  read more 


Forced overtime and call backs at JLS. This company doesn’t really know what it wants. They want company’s to do there shop work but they can do it in house and they want to give it away. How does this look good on paper when the components can be... —  read more 

Mark Off Discipline?

Anyone heard of anyone getting letters or in trouble over marking off lately? I know we got covid going strong so some people are out for long periods for that. But the weekend markoffs all the time by the same people nake me wonder. NS really isn't... —  read more 

NS begging for workers.

ATLANTA, Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Norfolk Southern Corporation (NYSE: NSC) today announced that it is offering starting bonuses of up to $5,000 for conductor trainees in priority locations, and $2,500 for other locations. NS plans to offer... —  read more 

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