Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.

NS wants you gone

NS isn’t sweating all of those who will be disqualified/fired/quit. They want you gone regardless. They want you to fold and walk away from a long career. Get vaxed? So NS can find a way to furlough or fire you next chance they get? I’m sure... —  read more 

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Just Think …

So as I read these posts … The brothers chomping at the bit for you to quit over the vax so they can make/take that money and seniority is all I need to see … It has proven to me what I’ve always know . What the RR has always been . If some of these... —  read more 

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Say When …

This has become absurd…. Despite working without a contract for years . Being a essential employee pre pandemic and having to deal with Precision Railroading. Class 1’s receiving Covid relief yet didn’t sharing a dime of that money . Corporate greed... —  read more 

NS is in trouble

Look at the job openings on LinkedIn and other sites. They're in hundreds and the number isn't going down. They've cut too many people and now nobody wants to work here because people have figured out what kind of a dump this is. Just wait and see... —  read more 

Isn't that ironic?

Isn't it ironic that an employee who works hard is rewarded with even more work, while one who works slow is spared that extra job? Here I am motivated in every way to work only as little as possible. Bare minimum and that's it! NS is a company of... —  read more 

NS mad

everyone is gonna get laid off in a few weeks, the shops are scheduled to close up for good and i feel bad for the people who still work there

Rail Unions Corrupt

Our Dues go to the small few at the top who take payoffs and sell members down river to stretch out their own enrichment. And when the crafts go away they move on to continue their rotten and debased political lifestyles elsewhere. Prime example is... —  read more 

Work for a Days Pay......

Devils Advocate You get paid to work a job then work it. Don't cry about having to do "extra work" when they take you off a road train and make you do yard work. Don't cry because you are doing railroading but its in a different seniority districts... —  read more 

Looking for a new job

I think I will never leave this joke of a company because I haven't been able to find a decent job for four months. I didn't even count how many applications I sent. The biggest problem was that the competition is huge, many candidates are applying... —  read more 


First why post on any media sight the possible intentions of a Labor Union… less is more ? Second it’s best to keep someone’s intentions in you’re back pocket . Posting on a social media sight may seem like a good idea but it’s not … Third I agree... —  read more 

Gout foot

Does anyone know anything more about the DMMO in Lynnwood? All I’ve heard about him is that everywhere he goes things don’t turn out for the best.

Worth the move

Got offered a job in Binghamton even though I live in Buffalo. Don't mind the move and its a family trade. Gave me all the bs of how good it is and they don't lay off. Is it worth picking over csx or just the same song and dance?


I don’t know about anyone else but I used to senjoy going to work! But now it’s a struggle just to do the bare minimum and fly under the radar as not to get handled?!!

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