Norfolk Southern Corp. Layoffs

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3000 jobs, 500 locomotives going away.. clean sheet program .. it's gonna be a wild ride

NSC non agreement personal

Rumors are any non agreement employee over 55 yrs old and with 30 years service will receive 2 weeks vacation for every year employed, due to management reductions.
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Lead welder

The railroad is all about precision
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New NS job opportunities

Confirmed today from Atlanta, new hiring sessions to come with Norfolk Southern in 2019. Looking to expand at certain points in transportation and mechanical loco and car shops.

It's coming

Up just laid off 58 in pine bluff. Precision railroading is coming ladies and gentlemen.
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Cuts among conductors?

Somebody mentioned in another thread we might be seeing cuts among conductors at Norfolk Southern, does anybody here have any more info on this? Mostly, it'd be really good to know if this is true when these layoffs would take place and what numbers... read more
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No accountability

My experience at norfolk southern left me with a sour taste in my mouth. From what I’ve learned first hand management shows a complete lack in taking accountability for those that they are responsible for. They are, however, quick to lay blame on... read more

What life?

NS is the perfect example of a company that doesn’t care for their employees. Instead of having a work/life balance here it’s actually a case of work/work balance. We are expected to put the company’s needs above everything else, and somewhere along... read more

Not layoffs, harassment.

NS isnt laying off as many as they are trying to fire. Under the guise of trying to be more efficient, they are using lower management to harass employees to the point that a fireable offense can be found or createf.
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Norfolk Southern Layoffs 2017

Who is to blame at this point in time and you need to know that things can be better but people are talking about job cuts Norfolk.

NS CORP Layoffs 2016

Nothing on the internet, but do you have info on layoffs at NS Corp? Anything for Sept 2016?
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Ns and Cn

Just got laid off at ns in newyork. Cousin of mine that works at cn just got laid off the other day in ohio

No layoffs in 2015 and probably 2016

Working here at Norfolk Southern has been a very valuable experience. The company has trained me to be a safe worker and to follow all rules to protect not just myself but folks who are working with me. As I am getting older, this grows in importance... read more

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