Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.

BNSF Conductor Offer

Heard they dangled the guarantee to all conductors until age 61 in return for leaving. That is, you could work another job and get guaranteed $52,000 a year until retirement.

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Anyone have info on the fatality in Enola? Fatalities and dismemberment used to be few and far between.

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Still here after the last hammer blow, but morale is in the toliet. Overhead some management today, supposedly callbacks after the first of the year. PSR goals will be met and the fleet is a state of disrepair.

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Their greed is growing

They will set a new goal. The cuts and closures will continue because now the greedy are getting a taste of blood and everyone knows how that goes… keeps them coming back for more and more. I echo this post because I think this is inevitable. I... —  read more 


Is starting out as a conductor remotely safe? What are the odds of getting laid off? I figured it’s at least not like mechanical where they shut down your location and that’s it no call backs ever. At least in T&E you will EVENTUALLY be called back... —  read more 

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2nd quarter summary

Here it is, record quarterly results: Profits double, but how? Because of employees, of course, who gain almost nothing from doubled profits. I wish I wasn't right. —  read more 

Corporate giving?

can you believe that there is a job called Director of corporate giving. If they wanted to get to 60 ratio the first thing I would do is cut that job.But no...... lets cut a conductor job..., Are these people on crack.


Did any of you guys ever read that forge thing? Its hard to beleive That These brown nosers sink to such lows. Its funney and sickening at the same time. What say you?

It’s so bad

I made $400,000 last year just on my guarantee alone. I spent most of my time not being scared of being laid off and eating ice cream. I just wish I could figure out how to get my disability before I’m one of the 86.

Hidden motives

Is it possible that there are people who think that some are trying to get others to quit so that they can move up in seniority? I don’t believe people have such hidden motives. C'mon, is it even possible to advise anyone to stay here? NS is a place... —  read more 

Worried about layoffs

Everything I'm hearing about the job market for those of us who are no longer on the younger side is making my stress levels go through the roof. There are plenty of jobs available but if you're 50 or over, apparently your chances of landing any of... —  read more 

We need to be respected

This might be specific to my department, but employees here are not given even the basic respect by the management. We are constantly lied to, gaslighted, demeaned, and intimidated. Even people who have been here for ten years or more are treated... —  read more 


Squires to hold non agreements accountable for fraternizing with agreement employees. Personal information being exchanged for favors not in line with core values.

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