Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.

NO !

You will pay more for employee contributions to health care in 23/24 , conductors will have weekly PWS like Engineers in yard service with zero compensation . 48hrs to place is gone and another win again ? The one paid day will be at the... —  read more 


Until the railway labor act is changed we will never get a fair contract. Until we unite under ONE union we don’t stand a chance. They supposedly agreed to freeze the H&W contributions at the end of the contract. But the also had the unions sign a... —  read more 

The Fine Print

Let's be real, everytime before this the Union says they have secured us a win it goes south. Unpaid sick leave? Great now NS adopts a point based attendance system in response, especially if they offer TFT voluntary rest days on pools. What about... —  read more 

Picket lines

This may be a d-mb question but in 22 years being a member of a few unions this is the closest I've come to a work stoppage. My union (BRC) apparently ratified that roll of toilet paper that was waved at us. So we won't be calling a strike. Am I... —  read more 

Bernie Sanders Says, No!

Republicans tried to force unions to accept the cr-p deal. Bernie Sanders said, No! The GOP resolution - introduced by Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Commission Ranking Member Richard Burr (R-NC) and Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MI), would... —  read more 

Had enough

Since almost half the unions are folding, hopefully the remaining will stick together and get what they want. Go down fighting, not rolling over like a lapdog. Hats off to the ones who aren’t taking any sh*t from the carriers anymore.

Unions selling us out

As usual, three unions sell the rest of us out. They split early from the bargaining coalition to announce that they were accepting the peb recommendations. Now everyone else in the coalition will have no chance of making changes. Rail unions are... —  read more 


Rumors are going around about more layoffs sometime in September. I usually ignore talk like that but this time I've heard it from several different people which makes me think there might be some truth to it. Is there any way to confirm (or even... —  read more 

It's not all about pay

Even if we got a raise, I would still think about leaving this place. People don't leave here just because of the pay, but because of many other things. Who still loves their job here? My impression is that almost no one wants to work here anymore. —  read more 

Greener pastures

I doubt that anyone is doing much worse after leaving NS. I am not satisfied with compensation and that is the main reason why I am looking for new opportunities. Aren't the percentages of pay increases for those who left surprising? I know a... —  read more 

Cleveland mechanical

Here in cleveland we know that the best option is to work a little harder use a little more elbow grease if you will. I know that sooner or later the top dogs will see this and reward us with no layoffs and think long and hard about... —  read more 

There are many complainers

I too am one of them, although I know that our complaining will not change anything. Is there anyone who is happy with their job here? Sometimes it seems to me that even my boss, who does almost nothing, would like to go somewhere else.

More Record Profits at NS

Suprise, suprise- another record quarter. 9% increase in profits despite increase in expenses (fuel). They claim train speed increases (pathetic 18.6 mph) and hiring. It's all rosy according to the Competent Souther ...


Anyone know if you will qualify for backpay if you are still on furlough status? Laid off May 2020. Hope the unions/PEB don’t sell us out. Lots of folks furloughed first half of 2020 many who have moved on out of necessity, but still waiting and... —  read more 

When will they learn

When will NS management learn that it takes more than money to incentivize. They continue to offer bonuses to new hires that they openly state that they want gone completely from the future RR. Meanwhile they treat their existing employees like cr-p... —  read more 

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