Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.

What raise?

T&E here…With the “raise” and increase in our cost for health insurance, I’m making less now if I have to claim guarantee than I was before the “raise.” Pretty much what we all knew would happen.

NS "Christmas Spirit" 2022

Looks like they learned their lesson from last year, shutting down 11p on 24th to 11p on 25th. Guess they learned that running on Xmas would result in every terminal on system laying off sick for a week straight....

When we’re gone

I have 28yrs and not many years to go . Who is going to want this job . Truthfully this company needs to decide . The T/E crafts in my location will lose yardmasters , engineers, trainmen at an alarming rate within the next 5/10 yrs . This... —  read more 


I love the admins in this page when a subject/comment is posted and steps on their toes and the saltiness gets saltier to where they delete the comments 😂

All that overload

I think that in all these years that I have been working here, I have not been more overloaded than I am now. Unfortunately, I have no other option for now, except to try to do the best I can and stay under the radar. It is clear that the goal is... —  read more 


I work in mechanical and we don’t get told much by our union leadership, therefore we don’t always get details. Can anyone tell me what influenced the engineers to accept the offer? As I said, we are in the dark. Thank you


Postponed till Dec 4th ? BLE / UTU you already threw the Dem’s a softball . Come on …To every union member looking into what a union objector is …

Move on and get out

I would recommend anyone who is young get out. There’s no future in the railroad like in the past. Used to be if you were one of the few who were luck enough to get a railroad job you were set for life. Now it’s just another average at best job. Stop... —  read more 

In Other News....

Brwnd new guys running switches nonstop, not securing equipment which rolls out of tracks and red signal violations. Someone told them they were qualified after 2 months of training. They were never taught to read a timetable or high-wide paperwork... —  read more 

NO !

You will pay more for employee contributions to health care in 23/24 , conductors will have weekly PWS like Engineers in yard service with zero compensation . 48hrs to place is gone and another win again ? The one paid day will be at the... —  read more 


Until the railway labor act is changed we will never get a fair contract. Until we unite under ONE union we don’t stand a chance. They supposedly agreed to freeze the H&W contributions at the end of the contract. But the also had the unions sign a... —  read more 

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