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Anyone who try’s to tell you they are making 120k as a engineer is lying!! After all the union dues and other c-ap, where lucky to pull in 70k with overtime. Not to mention the stress of loosing your Job. Been working since 99 and still don’t no if... —  read more 

No more safety equipment!

We were told at our shop today that there was no more money in the safety budget for safety glasses, gloves or anything of the like! They told us that we were responsible for our own safety and that it was a condition of employment and if we cannot... —  read more 

Marking off Sick -2.0

Now the phone app NS has wont let you mark off at all, you have to call a human like the old days. Why you ask? Because now the crew callers are questioning everyone if they have Coronavirus before they mark off sick. Soon you will have to talk to a... —  read more 

April 6 2020

This is the date that supervisors some will be relocated some will go back to their tools some will go home this was told to me by a general foreman that learned this in a morning conference call

Conway shutdown

Dumpsters are brought in, one after another in each department for the closure of Conway.. not too much longer all the freights going to Bellevue:-(

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NS rules about the coronal virus

So who or where will be the first person dumb enough to walk in to their supervisors office and announce they have the Corona virus? You get instantly pulled out of service and forced to be off wo pay on FMLA.

Volunteers needed

Do we have any volunteers who are willing to contract the coronavirus and head down to Atlanta HQ’s to lick doorknobs and cough on keyboards of the corporate elite? Your service will never be forgotten

NS Stock Falling

Stock is down to 161! Hopefully it will keep falling. Let's sit back and watch Farrell and his cronies squirm. No amount of furloughs gonna help now

System wide

Heard from a reliable source. Big cuts tomorrow.

JLS to furlough 85

To make room for RLS jobs in two weeks . RLS will be shut down early . From a reliable source in Atlanta

One for the ages

Word is they are calling 12 te employees back in Bellevue, Ohio after all this.

sit back and wait for the fire

I was given my papers in november. I can't wait to see ns hit rock bottom and burn. All this psr and short term stuff will backfire.


It’s a bit unsettling that no one seems to care about Dayton workers being contractors. No union memberships or NS employment there. And now they are going to take over material from RDC?

NS has found the cure for coronavirus!!

Over the weekend NS stock prices took a big heat due to the coronavirus’s impact on the stock market. NS has figured out that rules checks and monitoring breaks is the cure! So happy that NS figures out what the CDC couldn’t!

Jump on the One Man Crew Train- Inside Track!!

Ok, my highly placed sources have told me that NS will start 1 man crew test runs by summertime, they won't wait for the union contract to finish and don't care what the union says to complain about it. They intend to do as they please and let the... —  read more 

Rail gang

My husband is on a rail gang, is all this going to affect them?

What are the chances it will be a good thing?

I'm just wondering, is there ANY chance today's announcement will actually improve our working conditions in some way instead of the opposite? We are all so focused on all the bad things it could mean that we never stopped and wondered if it might be... —  read more 

Life Changing Announcement

So....anybody have any ideas what the life changing announcement will be Monday?? Ive heard the start of 1 man crews, heavy management cuts, more t&e cuts, mech cuts. 3/2/20 sounds like a very interesting day, on top of the stock taking a nose... —  read more 


Just heard from a reliable source I went to Carman school with that works in Chicago that Conway will be closing March 2nd.


I heard that Dayton and Jun is already full and RDC hasn’t started to send much yet.

NS stock down 14% in last few days......

Is anyone else celebrating (assuming you sold all yours when it was still around $210)? Oh Happy Days!!! Anyone notice how about 1-2 weeks before it dropped quickly there were 4 insider sales from upper management? That’s right, the COO $old 11k... —  read more 

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