Topics regarding layoffs at Kansas City Southern

Topics regarding layoffs at Kansas City Southern

Again. Who are they going to cut?

They are focusing on all mechanical. They are going to get hit hard in June. For warning people. It's going to be a quick replacement, distributing repairs, etc. to other shops, contractors. Severance packages are being put in place. Even managers... — read more 

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Unions PIGS!

The problem is that the the high up union reps get paid too well, on your backs. They say they have done all this work (wearing their dress shoes, in your shop), with the carrier, with congress, etc... The ol story goes "pigs get fat, hogs get... — read more 

Nationwide 2 man crew petition link

If you care about your job sign this petition and share it! The carrier is getting everything in their favor. WE MUST FIGHT BACK!

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