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Can anybody confirm this?

Rumor has it CSX just let another 50 people go from their HQ this month. I don't work at HQ, but I'm assuming I'd still hear if this many people were laid off from there. Unless it was intentionally hidden for some reason from the rest of us. If... —  read more 

How many people work at CSX?

Post any information you have about the total headcount (I know it changes all the time). How about the main office at Jacksonville?


With the furloughs of CSX the last few years what areas were affected by PSR. Mostly mechanical shop and engine house employees, MOW, engineers/conductors, or management?

CSX Layoffs 2020

Share any updates you may have about CSX Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Cumberland MD loco shop

Is the Cumberland MD loco shop still only working dayight, or have the forces been restored there?

HR 1748 Safe Freight Act

Protect the TWO MAN CREW BILL (HR 1748 Safe Freight Act) It’s about public safety and jobs. Go to SMART-UNION.org/td Click on the Red button. Enter contact info Click Send. You have all got this wrong when it come to 2 man crew... —  read more 

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More chopping at CSX

Reports from very reliable sources that the ax is again going to fall in Willard, Ohio by CSX, ironically named for the once long-time president of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Daniel Willard. I wonder what he would think. Rumors are yet... —  read more 

Mantle Ridge is cutting again!

Over last 3 weeks the Company has started laying off again in Transportation. Then they complain when they dont have crews to run trains! Our Trainmaster didnt know, He then called his boss and he didnt know, so he called his boss and he didnt... —  read more 

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Nationwide 2 man crew petition link

If you care about your job sign this petition and share it! The carrier is getting everything in their favor. WE MUST FIGHT BACK! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/mandate-minimum-2-man-train-crews-nationwide

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https://www.telegram.com/news/20190325/csx-ends-contract-with-worcester-rail-yard-manager-53-layoffs CSX ends contract with Worcester rail yard manager; 53 layoffs —  read more 

Have there been any layoffs at CSX this month?

I've been hearing that there were some layoffs at CSX this month, but I can't seem to find any info on it outside of those rumors. The best I could find is a bunch of folks being laid off in Worcester, but those are layoffs caused by CSX at the... —  read more 

CSX Layoffs 2019

Post any information about potential or actual CSX Layoffs in 2019?

Any thoughts on CSX management shakeup?

After so many layoffs, it was really good to see something happen at the very top. It's far from enough, but I'm at least hopeful that it might bring some kind of a change that will stop constant layoffs. Fearing losing my job every single day is not... —  read more 

CSX layoffs May 2018

Major layoffs at Cumberland yesterday, nearly 100 people were shown the door. I guess we knew this was coming, considering the previous announcements of thousands of positions they wanted to remove. Doesn't make it any easier for the folks who were... —  read more 

Another 6,200 positions to be cut by CSX

These three years will be rough, with CSX announcing that another 6,200 jobs are slated to be eliminated. I know they say most of it will be achieved through attrition, but does anybody who works for CSX actually believes this or do we all see... —  read more 

2,000 Will be laid off by CSX in 2018

Happy New Year and get ready for yet another mega round of layoffs. The execs will reap bigger bonuses and 2000 of us will be laid off... Lonegro said the plan is to cut approximately 2,000 more employees in 2018. Have fun... Sick... —  read more 


30+ furloughed for Christmas in BHAM

CSX Layoffs 2018

I wanted to ask you all present here - if you heard about any possible layoffs in Jacksonville.

Cumberland layoffs confirmed

https://www.wcbcradio.com/?news=breaking-csx-announces-additional-layoffs-in-cumberland "CSX has informed employees today that some positions in Cumberland are being eliminated, as part of an ongoing company-wide review of operations to improve... —  read more 

More layoffs to come by the end of the year at CSX

This year is absolutely brutal for all of us. So far the company has laid off 2,700 employees in addition to 1,000 external contractors and consultants, and now they have confirmed that more is to come. How exactly do they expect us to work with all... —  read more 

Is CSX cursed?


When all else fails, blame the employees

Are you kidding me? You decide to lay off a bunch off folks, hang the possibility of more layoffs over everybody's heads, and then blame service disruption on disgruntled employees... Because we should all be jumping for joy right now, right?... —  read more 

More layoffs at CSX by the weekend

No specifics in the article as to how many, but they are referring to an anonymous source that announced another round of furloughs by the end of the week. According to the person, affected sites will include Brunswick, Grafton, Baltimore... —  read more 

Composite Mechanic CSX

I was terminated today without any reasonable explanation - things presented to me as 'reasons' made no sense - I will not bother you with minutia, it's over now... However, I was treated as a piece of trash as they were terminating me, now they will... —  read more 

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