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What you put up with is what you end up with

“What you put up with is what you end up with” is one of the one liners I heard repeatedly from my grandparents as a child and young adult.
Kudos to the all posters who realized they were in a non-productive situation at Ford and were true to themselves and found a better situation.

“In order to move forward you must let go of the past” was another of my grandparents one liners.
Kudos to all the posters who were smart redesigned and have moved to greener pastures.

I long ago have given up on the dream that Ford royalty club will one day choose to bring their better selves to work. For them I will close this post with two of my grandparents one liners.
“You are better than that”.
“If you kick a lion when it is down, God help you when it gets up“

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I think everyone knows Ford has no loyalty to its employees.
I think what upsets the true believer employees and those who were stellar employees and got clipped
is that the Ford managers and directors keep the non-productive, non-skilled employees and boot the dedicated skilled employees. The remaining employees seeing this behavior then emulate the non-productive, non-skilled employees behaviors. This is how Ford culture continues to worsen.
None of my coworkers have any respect for our supervisor , manager or director, or in fact the COO or CEO. We are just counting the days until we can retire or find a better position.

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I have to tell you guys that the era of a loyal "company man" being taken care of fairly was having it's Last Rites before Jimmy Carter finished his term. It was clear to all of us back 40 years ago as the 80's rolled around that companies in general no longer cared about most employees. And then that fine decade of Wall Street raiders put us where we are now with short term market gains being more important than long term corporate growth and health.

TL; DR - do your job, take the pay. don't like either, look for another place where you do

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Well said!!!! Disgust doesn’t even start to describe how I feel towards this company. One year from retirement, and was SRD after a solid career. Was told the position was eliminated, but it was then filled with a promotion two months later. Moved on, and living the life I p-ss-d away working for FMC. For Hackett and company, they only get one finger from me. You can guess which one it is...

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