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Charles Scharff

What a fraud this clown is. He talks about wait until two years before making a judgment. Really? Let's see if you even stay that long. You're going to do the same thing at Wells Fargo as you did with your other short term stays (being a gutless, cruel individual getting rid of hard working people who did nothing wrong but be loyal). I hope someday an article comes out showing who and what you really are.

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At BNYM he said on a company wide call "we have too many white males". Sadly, diversity is just another excuse to lay off older, higher wage earners. If you remember what a pension is they want you gone. Of course as a white male the hypocrit doesn't resign himself and give a more diverse person a shot.

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Him along with other CEO’s are traitors to this county and do a dis-service to American Citizens while they make millions. The corrupt politicians are put in office by such clowns. The China deal is a hoax as behind the scene Trump is asking Xinto help him win election and he will give them better deals.

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