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Optum Layoffs

I was a part of Optum Insight and was laid off. When asked why I was laid off I was told I was a part of a cost-savings lay-off called LEGO? Not sure what it stands for. I was at Optum for 5 years and employees under me weren’t affected. I’m leaving with a bad feeling about it all

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Are they basing these layoffs on how often you use the card security key also.
I was wondering about that since it was mentioned on the aetna layoff discussion.
I don't think those things are that sophisticated are they. They just let you in right.
I coud be wrong.

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does anyone know what is going on with the dental provider health insurance side of things?
This is where they do yearly updates on state verification, address changes, terminations, additions, etc.
Wondering what is going on at this time.

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I was laid off after 14yrs in Feb—-still haven’t found another role. I find it curious that they keep doing layoffs yet I’m seeing so many posts on LinkedIn of new college interns—which is essential cheap labor. Makes me sad seeing how smiley and optimistic they are—shiny and new before their souls are eaten by UHC

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I was an aetna account administrator at the woodland hills california location.
I was there for a lot of years.
I also heard that the same thing is going on over there.
I give this as a warning to not apply there if you are seeking out other work.
It was the worst experience I ever encountered as a female employee.
The older workers who have been there a long time, will treat you horribly unless you
are a friend with them. I can't imagine how the treated the guys there but I heard from some
it was worse than that.
Even though my position title was suppose to be respected, it didn't help me at all.
Imagine the worst thing you experienced and times it by ten and that is how it was.
This is a fair warning to you all.

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  1. E.G.O. = Lead. Evolve. Grow. Optuminsight. They claim the work is to change the strategic direction to better support customers. I like to call it LetGo. It is fine to change your direction as a company, it is not fine to bully and mistreat people.
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I was let go after 19 years right before getting a bonus. This company is horrible to employees. Besides WFH, there’s nothing to be proud of. I made looking for a job my full time job and pounded the pavement. I landed a better gig with better pay and a much healthier atmosphere. I still have PTSD from the head games leadership plays but I’m so happy to be done with the Indians and a–holes

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