Thread regarding Ford layoffs

Entire ford layoff board censored.

This site is compromised

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I can't laugh. While I am not easily offended it is pretty offensive to celebrate the birthday of OJS under the premise of, oops we didn't know, the great Bronco has arrived.Wink.Wink. Those who are abused or worse at the hands of a spouse , or any abusive relationships are certainly not laughing and Ford Motor Corp CAN and certainly SHOULD do better.

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Bronco intro fiasco post deleted twice now.

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Well said, @awz. This is a copy-paste from an old thread:

I've been on the site for a while now and here is my observation on what kind of posts mods/admins delete:

  • Foul language (a big no-no)
  • Defamation
  • Racism
  • Anything that has personal info
  • Using names excluding public figures like PR, Comms, Board and C-Level)
  • Unsupported negative posts (e.g., you will all be laid off, ford engineers are not competent, etc)
  • Trolling (they axe this sometimes, I've seen some troll posts survive but they typically nix it)
  • References to violence and sgurd (read this in reverse, I don't want to be tagged as pitching it here, merely trying to avoid being blocked)
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I can’t speak for all posts that may have been censored but I have noticed a few that were removed containing language that sounded like they were posted by a ranting bully. This board is for rumors, concerns, observations and discussions about posted content. I personally have no problem with removal of posts that contain only insults and name calling directed at people who have posted content. We assume that the people posting here are professional adults not teenage bullies. Nothing wrong with trying to keep this a bully free board.

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It's not just this board. I have noticed it occurs on other company threads too. Some posts get removed because they have nothing to do with anything which I understand. Other posts that get removed are a mystery, although one rule is that no specific people should be named. But that rule has been loosened up.

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