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CEO destroys his own legacy and reputation

The mass ongoing, never ending layoffs at ADP are sealing the bad legacy for the CEO. Bad judgement and greed have completely destroyed respect by most and trust of any decent leadership abilities.

Rumors today of more rounds of layoffs coming with the new the start of the new fiscal year. Hope everyone is prepared and ready as these terrible decisions just seem to never end.

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The only thing that will stop the madness is to get rid of Carlos Rodriquez. Bill Ackman would have been far better for ADP than this joker.

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Any rumors on departments for layoffs? Sales reps are basically doing nothing right now. Clients / prospects no one is buying anything. And to call them and try is just wrong.

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Agree. The massive and neverending layoffs at ADP are causing severe consternation and morale problems for the employees. It is indeed bad judgement and greed. On a large scale.

Layoffs are sometimes a necessary option in companies, but not on such a massive scale and not for so long, and for the wrong reasons. Carlos and his top management team are indeed losing respect and trust. And what is disturbing, they don't seem to be aware that they are driving the company into the ground.

Oh, yeah, I forgot, it really doesn't matter. At least not to them. If the company goes under, they still walk away as wealthy individuals. Sorry, forgot about that. As for the bad legacy for the CEO? Maybe it really doesn't matter when he has so much money to see him through, win or lose. Such is life for this CEO. Oh yeah, and for the ordinary ADP employees. . . Oh wait, it doesn't work that way for them. They are held responsible for their work and they lose their jobs and income if they don't perform. Yeah, the ordinary employees are held accountable. Certainly.

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