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Take a loan then donate a million?

Didn't Carlos just take yet another loan? Then he said that he was told it might have been a bad idea to give each associate $1,000...(that was just a ”i gave you something- don't complain that I am letting people go and hour workload doubled”) Email today says ADP is donating $1,000,000 to UNCF. Hmmm!?!?! I understand the unrest in the country. I see this as a publicity stunt -jump on the bandwagon move. Want to impact lasting change for youth... Stop firing their parents. Smh.

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Carlos could care less about ADP employees he's proven that time and time again. You are correct it is a publicity stunt just like the bonus's he gave everyone due to Covid a couple months back and now laying off and furloughing EE's (never to return). I worked for ADP for 35 years and so glad I retired, shaking my head daily on the things I hear about the company I loved. It's like watching a train wreck happen before my eyes. Management has no clue what the clients needs and wants are, and to arrogant to try to understand, but we sure do have great salespeople who sell the c-ap.

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