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Got threatened because of couponer

Karen comes in three times a week, goes to self checkout and uses a cvs “splat” hair coupon on anything and everything.

Comes up on the screen to them as cvs manufacture coupon. I get told I better stop her next time she is in or I’m going to get written up because lp will be on my managers back?


Isn’t this something for lp to catch on to and not my personal responsibility?

This is what makes me wish they would fire me just so I can claim unemployment for the last week of the pandemic relief and then find a job elsewhere.

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Lp won’t worry about it or look into it until an employee uses the coupon then they will come in and sh-t can them

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I called to send the barcode in.
They said that it is a general barcode used for EVERYONE who takes the vitamin survey and they cannot deactivate the UPC. It is not a cvs store coupon that is specific to them personally. I even gave them the numbers at the top right but they said thats to track customers who use it and if it is tampered with (which apparently this one was) they have no way of telling if the customer uses it or not.
How is this possible! Can they not look into her account and see she uses it EVERY SINGLE TIME she shops????
She laughed at me the other day when I told her that I was not going to be able to let her use it on her chips and she told me if it scans it scans, my district leader said its not worth it ugh!

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Contact your AP rep with the coupon # and barcode. They can send it up so the coupon is deactivated.

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To clarify, the coupon works on anything in the store. Karen uses it on milk, chips etc.
The vitamin coupon that prints from the vitamin survey also works on anything as long as the total is above 5.00 it seems.

Why doesn’t cvs fix this?

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