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As we approach 1 yr

Ok. As those of us left who are approaching 1 year at Oxy. I have a few questions for you.

1a. Were you forced to stay? (The Why or How)
1b. If not, what made you want to stay?

  1. Are you wanting to leave?
  1. What do you think will happen negatively for you once Aug 8th rolls around?
  1. Are you treated unfairly because of your ties to APC?
  1. Would you like to share anything else or ask anything else that could help us all?
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I feel sorry for you folks still at Oxy. I'm Happily FREEEE for over 2 years and have not regretted leaving one time! There may not be a plethora of jobs in the Oil Biz but there is life AFTER APC/OXY. I highly recommend leaving and finding your Zanshin.

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Does Oxy allow the chance to stand up during safety meetings and present to the group a core values moment or safety moment? Those were my favorite moments, you know, watching those who really cared about such trivial b—s— stand up and describe an occasion where they used 'open communication' to solve a problem. Right.........

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I agree with the below. You choose to stay because you were hoping to cash in. Just because you keep waiting in your big payday is totally on you. I don’t blame you, but you have chosen to stay handcuffed to something that may not ever happen. At least you that over a lot of Oxy employees during these terrible times. Maybe you should be feeling like you won the lottery for the next two years. I am pretty sure many if the Anadarko crew that left with six months insurance and still not have a job might be wishing they had of stayed.

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‘Forced’ to stay? You’re welcome to quit at any time!

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GOM here.
Some of our best leaders/managers have left (not always by choice) and it gave me an opportunity to increase my experience by taking different challenges on. I cant help but think that will benefit me later in my career. However, I was not able to leave at the beginning of the transition when I had other offers lined up out the door. Those will be much harder to get now. I will likely just network and keep my head down until things pick up and then leave them high and dry just as they would do to me if they had the chance. I am over this s show and her bag of clowns. I cant even count how many ludicrous things have been discussed / promised and then forgotten or ignored in the last 10.5 months.

One bit of advice for all my other fellow LAPCers: Dont forget to challenge the change IF it does happen in August. Remember, you are still needed and you have a financial backbone in the wings just waiting. Stand up for yourself when the time is right.

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@Butcher, I am not as bad as you but I am in a similar situation where I need this job (4 years @ apc). I cant imagine things changing after Aug but Oxy has surprised me several times so far. I was not officially offered a role with Oxy. Does that mean I was stuck here.. maybe. I am not treated differently but I am not really noticed either. I just get by and do my role as best I can.

I dont have anything to share except that I am jealous of my colleagues that got to collect a huge check.

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I will start.

  1. Took a role in the oxy equivalent dept because I am the primary bread winner and need insurance.

2 and 4. Want to leave so badly as I am not treated with professional respect but instead treated like a blind work horse on things APC used to have automated. I am constantly feeling like I have reverted back 10 years or so in my career. I do not feel that my manager will give me a raise or different duties as this work isnt important enough to warrant such accolade but needs to be done in order to accomplish larger needs.

  1. I hope nothing happens bit I think I will be asked to potentially go to greenway when things stray away from WFH. I will not be laid off before several other oxy people because of my experience. Likly will get stuck with more of their work as it happened once already. Manager told me it was short term but I know it isnt.
  1. I will likely need this job so I will stick it out but cant understand for the life of me what this company thinks is going right. No process or project is optimized yet the leadership feels we are doing great and cant be improved because they dont even know what they dont know since they are home grown leaders with no other work experience. Its comical sometimes.
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