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Earnings call is going to be hilarious

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Boo Hoo no more bonuses for engineers and the rest of em. In mechanical, we havent seen bonuses in years , and when we did get them for no injuries , they were a paltry few hundred bucks.

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Engineer bonuses will be taken to help get 60% ratio

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“Hey everybody, we did an amazing job this quarter. Our MUM is up 3 percent year over year in spite of covid-19. MUM stands for made up metric but it still sounds good and shareholders are stupid....”

Going to be a lot of that.

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Ornaments? Is that what they call f—ngs now? WOW I am so old!!!!!!!

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I’m sure it will be very bloated with lots of lies and misleading figures like the classic customer satisfaction is at all time highs. I’ve never seen a company with so many faked metrics. My favorite is when a terminal reports 100% on time train departure, but hides the fact that several trains left with no cars in order to hit that first scanner to start the clock before returning to the yard for the cars.

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Dont forget the bloated management team will be in place to micromanage the remaining hourly people,keep all of the emails going back and forth so they look busy.

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Cannot wait operating ratio at 60 percent.
Another 3000 people must go before end of year.
Bonus for upper management.
Sell another 2000 locomotives.
All mechanical shops must be gone by September.
Home office will be relocated back to Roanoke.
Got a deal on some cheap land if they come back.
All engines left will be converted back to steam.
All rule books will be rewritten to better screw the unionized labor but gang leaders will be safe.
Corporate jets will keep the str—er poles
because of new record profits.
Everyone will receive a xmass bonus.
And a ornament.

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