Thread regarding Nike Inc. layoffs

McKinsey Retirement Village

Nike is the MRV- McKinsey Retirement Village.

When they started going native at Nike everything shifted negatively.

Nice slides, well spoken and bespoken - nonetheless, cannot create anything that the customer wants, cannot sell sh– and hate cannot deal with any real-life quirk in an insane supply chain.

Donahoe's coffers are leaking money - this is how companies die.

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Consultants like McKinsey are paid to make your decisions for you. If you're a company that relies on consultants like this then you're probably in deep doo doo because it's a sign that no one knows what they're doing or can't/won't take risks. Some of these guys look at a company like Nike and realize they can just BS their way into a plum job where they don't have to work nearly as hard because their job becomes less about doing stuff and more about avoiding work while appearing to be productive (which has been really easy to do at Nike for way too long).

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Not the OP but here is my understanding:

  • McKinsey is premium consulting company, Nike uses them a lot
  • They can talk well, they look good but they cannot do jackshit when it comes to real life (running supply chain, product development, etc0
  • They are good at making slideware (PowerPoint slides) but cannot produce things that Nike customer want
  • They give good looking presentations but value is limited
  • They burn out due to high pace consultant lifestyle and jump the ship (come to work for us)
  • Once at Nike they continue to BS, do nothing of value (slideware does not count)
  • So they coast, nice and slow while being paid well and holding high positions
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